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Can improve your dog's health Can save you money Has a lot of information about dog food Plenty of recipes 60-day money back guarantee.


Some information is a bit disturbing May be expensive if you have big dogs


I think this is a solid product and if you consider what a dog should eat compared to what's inside some of the more popular (or cheapest) dog foods we feed our dogs, it just makes sense. There's a lot of recipes and some nice bonuses to complement the 60-day money back guarantee.

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Dog Food Secrets Review
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"Dog Food Secrets" by Andrew Lewis - REVIEW

Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis at first seemed like just another gimmicky product aimed at animal lovers to get them to buy something. You've seen those commercials with the dogs and cats and the sad music trying to get money out of you and on first glance this product seemed just like that. I took some time to actually read through the significant page for Dog Food Secrets and a lot of what it presents is common knowledge. The thing is, most people simply don't care enough or are too busy to actually process this information.

I read through it and even looked around for things to back up what's presented here and even common knowledge should tell you that a lot of this stuff simply makes sense. We know pet food is bottom-tier who knows what and we probably don't want to know what it is at all anyway. The things that go into pet food are pretty disturbing and if you honestly love your dog (I have 2) you won't want to feed them very much commercial dog food at all. Dog Food Secrets really dives into what's in the food and what potential problems your best friends will face over their lifetime by eating that garbage.

If you think about it, dog food isn't very old. Just 150 years ago, dogs probably mostly ate people scraps just as they've done for 10,000 years or whenever man first started taming and breeding them for various purposes. Today, just like junk food for us, dog food contains all kinds of things that are bad for us and can actually cause a variety of different diseases.†

I'll be honest, I feed my dogs dog food but they rarely eat any of it because I have a bunch of kids who slip them food at dinner time. The result is one big fat dog who will jump in a baby stroller instead of walking because it's so fat and lazy. This isn't good for dogs either and what Dog Food Secrets does is give you some knowledge to make your own dog food as well as find the least harmful brands that are for sale. It's a good middle ground.†

I could go on and on about dogs and dog food for hours making a lot of jokes about my wife's cooking but let's not do that. Instead let's see what this product will deliver.

Dog Food Secrets Has:

Dog Food Secrets 4th Edition - Since this is the 4th edition, it leads us to believe the author really feels strongly about this subject and has revised his book 4 times over the years. That's a great sign. This ebook contains a lot of information about what's actually in your dog's food, what it does to your dog, how to make your dog healthier and happier, tons of easy and cheap dog food recipes and more. Some of the information about commercial dog food is fairly gruesome and may very well change your attitude toward certain manufacturers and retail stores I won't mention here.

Canine Diet Changeover Guide - How to transition a dog from commercial food to normal food. This is a weaning process so they basically won't have a massive change in their digestive tract and fill your house with poop and vomit. You shouldn't have a problem getting a dog to eat more human types of food. Dogs love that anyway. Add in some nice exercise for your pooch and you could get some great results.

23 Healthy And Delicious Doggy Treat Recipes - Easy recipe book that features treats you can use to reward your dog, help train it or just for fun. I guarantee you kids would love to help you make these treats. They are easy and not too messy.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee - With some products, this is counter-productive but this works great with something like Dog Food Secrets. If you don't like it, get a refund. Simple as that.

User Testimonials†

TritanBear (Yahoo! Answers User)

"I get his email everyday, but I opted to do the research myself. Granted I have seen his books and read his research and it is very valuable. It is a good way to go if you want the info. Or you can take hours of time researching it on your own..."

Site Owner (

"After seeing all the research and backup studies done by Andrew Lewis, I have truly gained a lot more knowledge to ensure my dog is in the best health..."

The Bottom Line

If you truly love your dog and want to make sure it has a long, healthy life or if you are just looking for a way to save some money by making your own dog food, this is a pretty cool product that seems to deliver on its promises. You can probably find a lot of this information for free on the Internet but it can be hard to separate fact from conjecture or just plain lies due to the number of shady sites out there.

I checked this product out pretty well and was able to get my hands on a copy of it for this review.This could save you a ton of money if you have a little dog. If you have a Mastiff, however, you're going to shell out a lot for food and that might be an issue when you cook more for your dog then yourself. Check it out either way and give it a test drive. The guarantee makes it a good call.
Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 4:04 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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Dogfoodsecrets this book is actually pretty cool, i'd recommend to every dog owner
cool stuff
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