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A Dovo shavette is a cheap and safe way of learning how to use a straight razor, the Dovo shavette is more hygienic than disposable razors, shaving with a Dovo shavette will give you a close and comfortable shave, shaving with a Dovo shavette works out much cheaper in the long term.


There is a learning curve when starting out with a straight razor so you have to give it time and persevere.


If you want the closest and most comfortable shave time and time again you need to use a straight razor. If you want a cheap but good quality straight razor that you will learn to use fairly quickly the Dovo shavette straight razor is the product for you.

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Dovo Shavette Straight Razor from Dovo
Dovo Straight Razor Review
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Dovo Straight Razor - For the closest and most comfortable shave

Whether you like it or loathe it, shaving is a fact of life for all men. It doesn’t matter whether as man is clean shaven, has some designer stubble or has a full beard he will have to shave on a regular basis. Shaving can cause pain, irritation, razor bumps and skin complaints therefore all men strive to get the most comfortable shave and the best way of doing that is with a straight razor, as opposed to a multi blade disposable razor.

Shaving with a straight razor takes time and practice so there is a learning curve to overcome. The best straight razor with which to learn is the Dovo straight razor, which is sometimes known as the Dovo Shavette.

The advantages of shaving with the Dovo straight razor

Shaving with a Dovo straight razor has many advantages over shaving with a multi blade disposable razor, including;
A Dovo straight razor will give a closer and smoother shave every time. When using multi blade disposable razors you will get facial hair and excess shaving gel in between the individual razor blades which stops the blades from slicing off the stubble efficiently. Even if you rinse a multi blade disposable razor after every pass, there will still be some excess hair and shaving gel left. A Dovo straight razor blade is easy to clean and there will never be excess hair or shaving gel left behind, which means you will get a close and painless cut each and every pass.

A Dovo straight razor is easier to clean after use. Facial hair and excess shaving gel gets caught up between the multiple blades found in multiple blade disposable razors, and the more blades the razor has the more excess hair and gel gets stuck. Thoroughly rinsing the multiple blade disposable razor will remove a lot of the excess hair and gel, but it never gets rid of all of it and the remainder is left to fester in between the blades, which is not very nice. The next time you use the blade all the “gunk” is going in your face hair follicles, which could lead to razor bumps, pimples and zits.

Razor blades for a Dovo straight razor are very cheap. For a few bucks you can boxes of a hundred blades or more, and these will last many weeks. Even if you use a new blade each and every shave the box will last for ages. I should point out there really is no need to use a new razor blade each shave, as the blades are so good each one will last for many days.

The Dovo straight razor is light and comfortable to use, which means you will be achieving a smooth and close shave every time in no time at all.

Compared to other straight razors Dovo straight razors are very cheap. Some straight razors cost in excess of a hundred bucks, although you can pick up a Dovo straight razor for a fraction of the cost. Not all men get on with a straight razor and if you are unsure whether you will get used to it or not a Dovo straight razor is an affordable way of finding out without wasting your hard earned money.
The Dovo straight razor takes “half” razor blades, i.e. those that are not the full length of the Dovo razor. This makes the Dovo straight razor a lot safer to use than straight razors with a razor blade the full length of the straight razor.

Despite being small and light weight the Dovo straight razor is well built and sturdy. Since the Dovo straight razor is made out of aluminium it will not rust, which is useful given the wet environment of a typical bathroom.

Disadvantages of the Dovo straight razor

The only real disadvantage of the Dovo straight razor is the time it takes to learn how to use it. Don’t expect to get a smooth and close shave the first time, or even the second time, you use a Dovo straight razor however if you persevere you will get there in the end. This learning curve is associated with all straight razors, so it is a disadvantage of all straight razors and not just the Dovo straight razor.


Would I recommend the Dovo straight razor? Most definitely. As you can see, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If you want to move from a multi blade disposable razor to a straight razor the Dovo straight razor is the best product to buy.

Date Reviewed: July 24, 2012, 12:21 pm
Reviewed by foto_reviewer
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