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Driver Smith comes with a free trial, which scans for driver updates and downloads.


Many customers complain the program does not download all necessary drivers and may cause computer problems.


Only use this if this is your only option.

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Driver Smith from HuiZhi Software
DriverSmith Review
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Driver Smith ( PC Driver Locator - FULL REVIEW

Are your computer drivers out-of-date, malfunctioning, or haven't even been installed yet?  Instead of searching the Internet for the right driver devices, you may want to consider Driver Smith--a PC driver location service that identifies and downloads drivers and driver updates right to your computer.  

This review will cover the following:
  • How Driver Smith works
  • Why this program is good and bad
  • What real customers think of Driver Smith

First, let's get to the most important part--how Driver Smith really works.

How Driver Smith Works

Driver Smith works by scanning your computer for drivers that are needed for various computer devices--such as webcams, video cards, and printers, like the program Driver Robot.  It also searches for drivers needed for your operating system.  It's never explicitly explained how it searches for these drivers, but it does use a sophisticated scan feature to look through all of the devices on your computer, and then, after gathering all the information, determines if the devices need driver updates or need drivers installed.  It it does, it will alert you to make these necessary updates.  Upon accepting these changes, it automatically downloads the changes through the Internet.  All you need to do is say "OK" to these changes.

Users can initially scan for updates by using Driver Smith's free trial version, which can be downloaded off  However, to download the necessary updates, users have to purchase a single-computer license, which currently retails for $39.95, payable online via credit card.

Upon reviewing the program, it appears to be easy to use.  Instructions for using Driver Smith are printed clearly on the software's front screen; the "scan" and "download" buttons are easy to locate.  Little work has to be done on your part to initiate the scan and download features--simply click on the buttons to make them work automatically.  Installation was also seamless, and only required a click on the "Next" button to install.

Problems with Driver Smith

Driver Smith's biggest problem lies in its deceptive sales tactics; many customers are not happy that its trial only scans for updates.  "I went to the NVidia site & clicked on & got DriverSmith free software," says one customer. "It is not free and not where I wanted to get drivers from.  I suspect something fishy."  To download the necessary driver updates and drivers, you need to pay for the program--but many of them are not willing to.  For those who have, however, the problems seem to increase, not decrease.
"The program caused my system to crash after installing one driver update," says a customer. "There may even be a corrupt file or virus in the program.  I had to do two system restores, and a repair using the windows setup disk, before it finally started working properly again."

In addition to these complaints, some customers complain that Driver Smith does not find all necessary drivers--sometimes, it locates out-of-date drivers, or when it does find them, causes the computer to crash or malfunction.  Driver Smith says it is supposed to find and install all drivers, so this contradicts what they say.  Customers also don't like Driver Smith's customer service, complaining that they refuse to refund their money.

"Tried to get refund 1st day after trying to use program of there 60 day refund policy," says a customer.  "Won't return money.  Just jerk you around for 60 days."

Despite the convenience of this program, Driver Smith has many faults--some of which could diminish computer performance.  It's not clear why it does this--perhaps a glitch in the program--but nevertheless is a big problem.  My recommendation: If you're really desperate, download it, but be aware it is glitchy.
Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 12:03 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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