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All natural product, effective for some


can cause cramping & discomfort. not for pregnant women


results not consistent, but generally seems to be a product that works

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Dual Action Colon Cleanse from
Dual Action Colon Cleanse
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Dual-Action Colon Cleanse Formula - REVIEW

Could your colon do with a cleanse?
It's not something we generally want to think about, despite celebrity crazes with colonic irrigation and 'evacuation'.
But why not? After all we clean our hair, our skin, our nails, our teeth to remove every day debris and the accumulations of life.
So what could be lurking in your large intestine?
If you're suffering from bloating, infrequent bowel movements, fatigue and sluggishness, then quite a lot!
Dual-Action Cleanse Formula can help.
Colon cleansing removes excess toxins which have built up in your colon such as mucous and undigested matter.
By eliminating this waste you are ensuring that the toxins will not be reabsorbed by your body, thus increasing energy and decreasing gas and bloating.
Some users even report a trimmer stomach - which no one would complain of as a side-effect.
This herbal formula is not cheap - one month's supply cost $82.
So you'll want to read more before you buy.
The product consists of two different formulas. Firstly, Colon Clear, a blend of 22 fibers and herbs which supports digestive function and promote 2-3 bowel movements per day. 
It is not designed to be taken on a constant basis - so read the instructions carefully and make sure you take a 30-day break between treatments.
Ingredients include water soluble fibers to increase bulk and promote peristalsis; binding agents such as pectics, slippery elm bark to soothe the digestive tract and 'friendly' bacteria to improve the intestinal environment. 
It also contains Cascara Sagrada which may worsen diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain. Consult your physician - especially important if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication.
The second 'half' of the dual action is a 'total body purifier', containing 33 cleansing herbs including Milk Thistle for the liver and Licorice to support digestion. This product may be taken on a regular basis.
Combined, the manufacturers claim that Dual-Action Clean will 'change your life' by cleansing the digestive tract, and promote increased energy and vitality.
So what is the word on the street?
There are plenty of review of this product so take a moment to check them out.
One thing is clear: it gives some people cramps.
'Overall, I think this product is fine,' says one user. 'Aside from the unpleasant cramps.'
But not every one suffers in this way.
'I have struggled with a "slow" system for years and breads and other like foods tend to stop me up. Laxatives worked but were always so painful and unpredictable. This product is cramp-free, predictable, and also gas-free!' 
And it works very well for some people.
'I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a normal function!'
Dosage appears to be an issue:
'I guess depending on the dosage you take this product can be very mild to strong,' was one comment. 'I took one pill in the morning alternating between the Colon Clear and the Total Body Purifier, that made me more regular without being stuck to the toilet all day.'

Which has got to be a good thing!
And, combined with changes in diet, good results are reported.
'I already feel lighter and a little more empty. Can't wait to see the results in 30 days. I'm trying to eat clean, avoiding processed foods like bread and pasta and instead eat fresh fruit, vegatables, lean poultry and fish and taking apple cider vinegar, so I can totally detox my body while on this. Out with the bad, in with the good.'

However some people really suffered.
'I've tried many cleansers and this was the worst. I was in so much pain and discomfort. I had to go too much then I couldn't go at all.'
Or it just didn't work.
'Hello. I did not see much results after a month of faithful use.'
And there are sensible disclaimers about cleansers in general - that there will likely be some stomach discomfort at first no matter which one you use. That's just the way they work.
And as Dual-Action Cleanse is all natural herbs, it is not dangerous, no more dangerous than anything you eat on a regular basis.
Although I emphasize again, it should be avoided by pregnant women as it contains Black Cohash.
'It worked within the first 24 hours for me and I feel great,' said one happy customer.
So it definitely helps some people.
But not others. 
And some people argue you can detoxify your colon in much cheaper ways with common home ingredients.
The choice is yours - but what price vitality?
Date Reviewed: November 3, 2011, 11:48 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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