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The two-in-one feature makes it worth the extra cost. Simple to use and looks nice, too.


I can't find anything that shows how much energy it consumes.


It's a little pricey and not good for those looking to save energy since I cannot find evidence of it being energy efficient but otherwise, a nice little heater and fan in one.

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AM04 Hot & Cool Heater in Blue from Dyson
Dyson HotCool HeaterTable Fan Review
Lisa Mason rates this 4/5
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The Dyson AM04 Hot and Cool Heater/Table Fan Heats and Cools a Room

I am a work from home mom who lives in the heart of Texas where there can be extreme high and low temperatures.  With a big family, the power bill can get quite high so we try to save money where possible and this means keeping the heater and air conditioning set at reasonable levels.  This can mean that this is a little chilly in the winter and warm in the summer so have portable fans and heaters can help keep me warm or cool in my office when I am working. We also learn all kinds of tips and tricks for keeping every cool. We have a special cooling pet bowl for the dog and the kids have these wet fans they can wear that fans then and sprays a mist. Sometimes we need more than that to keep us cool in the house.

This Dyson is Cool/Hot

This Dyson table fan is both cool and hot, depending on your needs at the time and that is a feature I really like.  Instead of buying separate fans and heaters, one unit does all the work and all I have to do it switch it from heat to cool. 

I also appreciate the fact that one unit can handle my needs for the entire room and I do not need to buy more than one.  This unit is a higher price than most other fans or heaters but because of its dual nature, it is well worth the price.  The fact that this does not have any moving parts that my smaller children can get hurt on is also a huge plus for me.

Looks Nice

The sleek and cool look of this fan is another plus. I never liked the bulky look of traditional fans. They get in the way and they’re just a mess for your dĂ©cor. This Dyson fan is stylish and people actually ask “What is that?” because they’ve never seen one before. While functionality does come first, the sleek and unique look of this fan was another bonus.

Product Features

  • Air Multiplier
  • Cooling Fan
  • Projects Heat Through the Entire Room
  • Auto Turn Off When Tipped
  • Built in Thermostat

This heater/cooling fan seems to have everything that I have been looking for with the added benefits of coming complete with the safety feature of turning off automatically when it is knocked over.  As I have stated, I have small children in the home and being curious they could accidently tip it over and a fire would be devastating.  I also like the built in thermostat that allows me to choose how hot/cool I want the room to be before it shuts itself off.  I do not have to worry about turning it off and on myself.  This may seem lazy, but it is a convenience that is worth the price to me.

What Could Be Better

After looking through all the specs on this unit, I realized that there are no indicators that say how much electricity is consumed when it is in either heating or cooling mode.  Since I am looking for something that is less expensive than air conditioning or whole house heating, I need to know exactly how much electricity it will use.  After all, for the price I want it to save me money, not cost me more.  I can spend a fraction of the cost for a room unit fan and heater and keep my heating/cooling costs down.  This information is vital to all users so it is a bit of disappointment that the company does not offer this. It also makes me question why they wouldn’t want us to know.

If you’re like me, you also want to know what people who have bought it think so I dug up some user comments.

What Other Feel about This Product

SEdwards says, “I read a lot of review about this product before I made my purchase. What I noticed on a pretty consistent basis is that the people who posted really negative reviews were people who don't actually have one because they think the heaters are too expensive. Lets' settle this up front, these heaters are expensive so if you're looking for a bargain then this heater is not for you. If, however, you're looking for a stylish way to heat your home or maybe just an individual room then I think this heater is a great. I am completely satisfied with my heaters. I have 2 of them, one for my bedroom and one for the living room, dinning room, kitchen area. The total square footage of my house is just shy of 1,000sq ft.”
NB81 states, “This heater isn't as powerful as I was expecting from Dyson. We have an average size bedroom and it takes a while for the heater to warm the room. That said, if I had a smaller room or maybe a bathroom it would be great. It seems really safe because the machine itself doesn't get hot to the touch. All in all it's okay, not upset with the purchase, I guess I had high expectations and wanted more power and punch.”


While there is an issue with the heater/cooler not specifying how much electricity the unit uses, I still think it would save me money in the long run.  I can turn off the heat/air in the rooms of my children that are in school and me and the little ones can sit in my office in complete comfort.  Since their comfort is really more important than mine, this means a great deal to me. 

The safety features are a great addition and if I am heading to the kitchen to get them a snack, I do not have to worry about fingers getting caught in fan blades or my house catching on fire because the unit was knocked over.  All in all, I really like this heater and I would recommend it to those who are simply looking for a one room solution for their heating and cooling needs.

Date Reviewed: May 25, 2012, 11:52 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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