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Sucks the dirt like magic! Makes vacuum cleaning quicker and less frustrating. Easy to clean and maintain.


It is pricey compared to other vacuum cleaners and still needs a human to move it around the house.


Not cheap, but very good value for money, especially with the 5 year guarantee.

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Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner from Dyson Inc.
Dyson Vacuum Review
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Dyson Vacuum Reviews - DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - It Sucks!

Unlike other Dyson vacuum reviews, this one  will not  bore you with detailed analysis of the Dyson Ball technology, the Root Cyclone technology and all the other clever things inside the Dyson DC41.

For that you can read the product description or watch this short video below:

See the Dyson Ball Technology in Action
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Being a non-techie housewife, I don't care HOW a vacuum cleaner does the job.  I'm only interested in the RESULT - the so called "user benefit" that is!

To be honest, I hate vacuum cleaning and I try to spend as little time doing it as possible so, I guess, I'm the ideal target for hoover commercials promising less work and better results.

Over the years I tried many vacuum cleaners from the traditional bag-type canister models through dry-wet cleaners to our latest bagless Panasonic MC9080 that my husband bought (without asking me!) believing it was a great machine just because its 1700kWh and "Made in Japan" label... whereas in reality it is basically a metal bucket on 4 wheels with a lid holding the engine.

Needless to say I was unhappy with all of them, especially when it came to emptying their bin. They either let the dust out or were just  simply disgusting to clean - the dry-wet cleaners especially!

So, for me, the most attractive feature of the Dyson DC41 was the easy to empty bin.

I never thought of buying an upright vacuum cleaner before because it always seemed to me a crazy idea having to drag the entire machine along the house, not to mention the stairs. However, when I got to "test-drive" the Dyson DC41 I was pleasanty suprised of its relatively light weight and how easy it was to manoeuvre.

So we bought our Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner and never looked back!

It was very easy to assemble and with the attached tools, the long cord and the wand I can clean difficult to reach places, high corners and stairs without any problem.

We have tiled floors with rugs, so the auto adjusting head that adapts easily to different floor surfaces is a great feature too, as well as the easy to empty bin I've already mentioned.

We do not have any hairy pets - yet, although we might get a cat sooner or later - but we live in a dusty desert area where frequent vacuuming is a must. I vacuumed with our old Panasonic the day before we received the Dyson DC4, so I thought the carpets were OK.  Well, not quite. To my big shock, the first time I went over our living room carpet with the new Dyson, it picked up so much extra dirt I couln't believe my eyes!

It really lives up to the Hungarian name for vacuum cleaner: "dust sucker"! 

Also, it is less noisy than the other vacuum cleaners we had before - not that I would expect a quiet operation from a hoover, so it was a nice surprise too.

In a nutshell, I am very pleased with our Dyson DC41. It wasn't cheap but it does its job very well and the 5 year guarantee makes it even more attractive.

Some negative comments I would like to mention:

If this is your first vacuum cleaner with the Ball Technology, like it is for me, it might take a little while to getting used to moving it around. But trust me, it's not a big deal.

The other thing is the price... compared to other vacuum cleaners available on the market the Dyson DC41 seems a bit expensive.

The next step for Dyson should be incorporating robot technology so the next model could clean the house itself while I am writing Dyson vacuum reviews to praise its excellence!

(Did I mention I hated vacuuming?)

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 9:08 am
Reviewed by Eszter P
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