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E-Cig.com Review - The Original E Cigarette

When it comes to smoking:

Once upon a time you had 3 choices: Smoke, don't smoke, wear a nicotine patch to try not to smoke. With the advent of electronic cigarettes, times have changed and pretty radically at that!

E-cigarettes give you a way to smoke without smoking (they emit water vapor which doesn't hurt your lungs the way smoking does) and a way to get nicotine without the additional @ 601 carcinogens that can be found in regular cigarettes. Furthermore, you can get that nicotine fix anywhere, any time included places that don't allow smoking as you will not be subjecting people to 2nd hand smoke or the odor that comes from smoking. Finally, you can choose their zero nicotine option if you would like to have the experience of vaping without ingesting nicotine (which is addictive.) E cigarettes have been catching on like wildfire (pun intended!) and there are now a multitude of companies to choose from for your e-cig experience.

Who started this crazy E-Cigarette trend?

Thus far in my research, E-cig.com is one of the few electronic cigarette company website that include an "About Us" section. Why? because E-cig is the first company to introduce e cigarettes world wide. Many e-cig.com competitors have rushed to get into a booming market without putting a lot of care into their website. Does this mean their product is equally lacking? well, not necessarily. Just as with regular cigarettes, it still comes down to your subjective taste. The components are easy enough to source. But it's safe to say the pioneer of the entire market is going to offer a certain level of reliability and also that E-cig has the momentum and has built up their company's foundation to be on the cutting edge of E-cigarette technology and innovations. If stability and trust are important to you, E-cig.com is the way to go for your electronic cigarettes.

E-cig offers the widest variety, hands down!

Their history is impressive, they're an international company and most appealing of all is their selection. E-cig offers 7 different densities of nicotine (most competitors offer @4) and @ 200 different flavors!!!! I'm trying my best to be objective as a reviewer… to just state the facts and emphasize the strengths of each company so you can reach your own conclusion but I have to say my mind is completely blown by the degree of options e-cig.com offers for your e cigarette experience. It may even be option overkill! But, I'm the kind of person who LOVES a buffet so e-cig.com is basically my version of e cigarette heaven. My only disappointment? They don't have a Gitanes flavor. This french cigarette happens to be a particular fave of mine. But Dunhill? Check! Marlboro, Camel, Parliament? Check! Not to mention a whole ton of cool exotic tobacco flavors from places like China and India. 

Also appealing are the wide variety of sweet flavors including odd ball ones like coconut, apricot, licorice and lavender along with the regulars all the other companies offer, like vanilla, coffee, etc. And how about Brandy? Butter Rum? Champagne?? I could go totally nuts on this site and I just may. 

Another unique feature is their healthful offerings. You can be taking drags of Vitamin B instead of nicotine. Or you could switch it up so sometimes you're naughty and sometimes you're nice! They also have marijuana flavor (sorry, no buzz.)

For sheer entertainment you can choose from 8 cartridge color options and 8 tip light options. What's also cool is you can choose your preference of veggie glycerin or propylene glycol or a mix (both are considered safe for ingestion by the FDA but some people have allergies to propylene glycol so they go with veggie. Veggie has a sweeter flavor, fyi so that will affect the way the ejuice tastes.)

E-cig.com has live support and it's  a good thing too. With so many options you're going to want someone to walk you through the differences in the kits to find what works for you. They also have an e-cigs buying guide to simplify the process. It is kind of like being in a department store where the only item they sell is e-cigarettes!!!

Any Draw-backs?

E-Cig.com is an overseas manufacturer which can spell complications in the land of Electronic Cigarettes. In my research I discovered complaints around shipped items being held up at customs. While this is not something the company can control, if it concerns you and you prefer to use a US based company, I'd recommend Volcano E-Cigs. Volcano is a US based company whose products are consistently well spoken of in the forums.  They have a wide selection of well liked flavors and you can even order blank cartomizers which you can fill with e-liquid from any vendor you choose.

Check out my review on Volcano or head to the website for a 10% discount on Volcano's starter kit.

To check out E-Cig.com for yourself click on any of the links above or below this review.

Date Reviewed: February 17, 2012, 8:51 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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