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Easy-to-use software that creates your video instantly. Very good to excellent online support.


Could do with a few more video theme selections, and definitely a bigger selection of website templates.


Stinger Videos is a unique concept that works extremely well in the world of video marketing.

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Easiest Way To Instantly Create Hot Marketing Videos For Your Products
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Stinger Videos Lets You Create Hot Marketing Videos in 3 Minutes... But is it Worth the Monthly Fee?

Stinger Videos is one great new concept in video marketing.

How does Stinger Videos Work?

It's fun, simple and quick to make (about 3 minutes). The templates provided are more than adequate (a few more/a lot more would be preferred). The final results are fantastic.

You can edit your video any time after the original creation. The themes are excellent both in music selection and visual quality. It's all done for you in an instant. No software knowledge or codeing is needed. There are no complicated or confusing steps to follow. Just 10 quick steps to the final process and it's all over in around three minutes resulting in a professional one-stop marketing gem.

The support is excellent but sometimes a little slow on the rebound (improving).

The concept is firstly the product particulars, name, url. etc. followed by 6 lines of text. This part is very versatile.
After adding the text the system comes up with a large number of alternatives derived from your lines. Here you may make a choice or change the line completely. To me this is one of the better areas and ideas, the fact that you can radically change any of the 6 text lines you have already added. The final step is choosing from a number of theme templates for your video.

I personally have used 4 so far in my brief time as a member and they actually do suit the necessary effect. To save the best to last, once you submit your video details it is almost instantly created right before your eyes. It is watchable in your members area and the links including the html embed codes are sent to your email address. You can produce 25 videos per calendar month with the regular monthly distribution of credits.and by purchasing credits add more to your monthly arsenal of videos.

The video themes vary in colour and patterns as well as background music. Once an image and text is added it becomes a dynamic video in every way conceivable. You can load your video instantly onto Youtube and a dozen or more other video sites. This is viral video marketing at its best.

Current issues with Stinger Videos

I have only one small current issue that need to be looked at and is still being seen to. Below is a video created through Stinger Videos and contained in a Stinger Video Template
Social Bible

The niggling issue with Stinger Videos is the flashing text that can be noticed at around the 45 second mark with text that disappears too soon to read.

Too many characters could be the problem but they show up correctly in the test video in the members area.

I'm learning to be as precise as possible and cutting down my character numbers to better comply with the system. Early results are impressive.

What do You Pay?

Apart from this hopefully,soon to be fixed concern, Stinger Videos is a first class concept in Video Marketing. I love its simplicity of use, its excellent video themes and the templates provided, all coming together to create a new ideal in video marketing that I wish I had had earlier in my online marketing schedule.

There is a monthly fee of around $40 depending on the discount at the time but 2-3 affiliates will pay for all that.
The affiliate area is very accomodating with every area of marketing available and provided, from email marketing to a full range of banners. An easy to read affiliate result schedule adds to the quality of the affiliate area.

Is it worth the Money?

My feeling is $40 is a little high and it's early days for results. But I do totally support the concept of video marketing and Stinger Videos supply such a necessity, one of easy use and great quality.

I highly recommend Stinger Videos - one neat package toward your successful Video Marketing.

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2012, 8:32 pm
Reviewed by Michael J Ming
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