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Quick and easy delivery of the product. Easy to read instructions on how to set up free or cheap surveillance. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee A quick and easy setup International availability


Some purchases may have to be bought such as cell phone, computer or Iphone Apps Nothing new for tech-savvy types.


I find that Easy Home Surveillance by Jim Stauffer is a highly effective and easy way to learn about home surveillance on the cheap. I think that the 60 day money back guarantee makes it very much a good risk for anybody that needs this type of product. I highly recommend it.

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Easy Home Surveillance from Jim Stauffer
Easy Home Surveillance Review
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Easy Home Surveillance (by Jim Stauffer) - REVIEW

Few things motivate us to spend money like danger to our friends, loved ones, personal property or ourselves. If you feel as though any of these things are at risk, then you are likely to be more willing to shell out some dough. The makers behind Easy Home Surveillance seem to realize that as they are offering you protection from everything on that list.
  • Have a cheating spouse? 
  • Have a babysitter that you suspect is not doing a good job?
  • Have personal property that comes up missing when someone visits?
  • Are you concerned that home invasions are becoming rather common?

Simple Solutions for a Complicated Problem

All of these spooky scenarios are fodder for owner and home surveillance pioneer Jim Stauffer to draw upon for reasons to buy his product. What is particularly interesting, however, is that he is right.

These common problems are addressed by his e-book and they are solved quite effectively; sometimes even for free.

Cost and Performance

When it comes to creating a product that is effective and worthwhile, you have to either solve a problem or create a shortcut. Jim Stauffer and Easy Home Surveillance shows consumers how to effectively spy on someone and do so for the minimum amount of cost possible. More importantly, he does this for a fairly reasonable price point at $29.99.

Upon digging through the internet and various online forums, I was unable to find a single website to say bad things about this product. Every bit of information I found was positive and that is a rarity in the world of online e-books. I am sure someone out there hates this product but I was unable to find them.

The big idea behind this product is that there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for surveillance systems. These systems can be largely replicated by using a cell phone, computer and software. Easy Home Surveillance takes you step by step through the process and even shows you all the various ways in which you can use this new information. 

Purchasing and Processing

Purchasing the product is a breeze and the download is instant regardless of where you live. Because you get instant access to the material, it is possible to get the book and set up surveillance very quickly if you have a computer, cell phone and software. 

Another great thing about the program is that Jim Stauffer provides you with a sixty day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. For a product of this nature, that is a risk on his part. It would be easy for someone to abuse this policy and it is admirable that he offers it anyway. 

So What is the Negative Here?

About the only real negative things I could find to say was that it does require some things to get started yet it promotes the product as "free" quite a bit in the advertisements. It is only free if you have the equipment. You still need a cell phone, computer, etc. to make the information valuable. Most people have this that would be buying an e-book, but it is a bit misleading on a minor level.

If you need eyes around even when you are not there, then Easy Home Surveillance is a product that you should certainly consider. It breaks down the information in easy to digest chunks and gives it to you at just the right speed for the beginner. More advanced tech-type people will probably not be looking for such an e-book, but it certainly is designed for beginners or folks that are not as tech savvy. 

Regardless of why you need it, Easy Home Surveillance delivers exactly what it says it will, and does so with an easy approach. Anybody can watch and protect what they love from afar and do so without spending a fortune. This program shows you how to do it.
Date Reviewed: February 23, 2012, 8:54 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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