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It recommends consuming more fruits and vegetables It emphasizes natural foods over processed foods


It's too strict; you can only eat vegan, raw foods Raw veganism has been correlated with unwanted health problems A large portion of the book's advice conflicts with current scientific information about disease and diets


This diet probably isn't for everyone--it's too strict and may be hard to adhere to.

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Eating for Energy from Yuri Elkaim
Eating For Energy Review
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Yuri Elkaim's "Eating for Energy" - REVIEW

In a world where caffeine and coffee consumption are at an all-time high, one man--by the name of Yuri Elkaim--claims that we're poisoning our bodies.  It's not just a caffeine or coffee problem, though; it's how we prepare our food.

A former self-admitted pasta glutton, Elkaim says that his addiction to cooked, non-animal products actually made him ill, causing his hair to fall out.  After some experimentation, he discovered the problem--he was eating too many processed foods.

The solution: A vegan, raw diet, which he chronicled in his raw foods eBook, called Eating for Energy.

The Idea Behind Eating for Energy

After taking a long, hard look at his diet, which he admits was ruining his health, Elkaim experimented with something called raw foodism, a food movement that believes consuming foods in their rawest, most natural states promotes longevity, health, and a skinnier bod to boot.  It was then when his health problems became a fleeting memory--and he was convinced raw foodism was to cure to many health problems.

For instance, once implementing his raw food strategy, Elkaim noticed a peculiar side effect--those who went raw got thinner, even if they stuffed themselves with food.  They also appeared to have smoother, flaw-free skin, more energy, and have less cravings.  Some even reported their health problems "simply disappeared", including a middle-aged woman who literally made her kidney stones vanish.

It sounds hard to believe, but you'll have to take Elkaim's word for it.

In his book, he details everything he discovered through his new raw food program, including the foods that boosted his energy and just made him feel good.  And he keeps it simple--as a former college athlete, he says he understands that people don't have their entire lives to devote to raw foodism, so he keeps it as simple as possible so that everyone can learn it.

On the surface, Eating for Energy is pretty appealing.

The Issue with Eating for Energy

Looking at the positive remarks about this book, it's hard not to be convinced this book is going to fix everything.  But as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The issue here, primarily, is a profound amount of scientific evidence that doesn't always gel with the Eating for Energy principles--such that it's better than animal-based diets by preventing disease, sometimes even treating disease, and helping people get slim.

One primary issue Elkaim continuously neglects is the controversy surrounding raw vegan diets and poor calcium intake.  Raw vegans have very little access to calcium-containing products--some argue you don't need calcium, but one study shows you're more likely upping your chances for fractures and osteoporosis.  A 2005 study shows that raw vegans usually have low bone density, which is associated with osteoporosis.  That's not good.

Even worse is the effects of raw veganism on your teeth--and how often your develop cavities.  One study showed that raw vegans have significantly more cavities; in fact, one raw vegan blogger even admitted that she went from having no cavities to 13 cavities once going raw.  There's also compelling evidence female raw vegans may lose their period, called amenorrhea.  That's not good either--losing your period means you risk becoming infertile.

Considering these facts, this does challenge a lot of the Eating for Energy Principles.  For instance, if this diet is supposed to be good, why would women be at risk for osteoporosis or amenorrhea?  That wouldn't suggest a healthy diet--that would suggest an unhealthy diet.  If it's actually a good way to protect yourself from disease, then why you be at risk for osteoporosis?  Moreover, why would you get more cavities?  Eating too much sugar can also cause our teeth to rot and so we try to avoid sugar--but if this is also the case with raw veganism, shouldn't we also avoid it as well?


There's certainly nothing wrong with eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and other raw foods--but you have to look at this diet really carefully before making any decisions about it.  Yes, these foods contain more nutrients and vitamins, but is that all we need to be healthy?  Is just feeling good an indicator you're healthy?
For Elkaim, this seems to be his bible.  If you think nutrients and vitamins will make you healthy and happy, then you'll like what Eating for Energy has to offer.  But not everything is just as black and white as Elkaim makes it out to be--not all foods are necessarily just evil or just good.
Date Reviewed: February 2, 2012, 1:03 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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