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worth trying, especially if there are issues with conventional pain medications

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Eazol (Natural/Homeopathic Join Pain Relief ) - REVIEW

No one wants to live with pain, be it chronic or symptomatic.
But what if you can't, or don't wish to take conventional painkillers?
Perhaps you'd prefer to use only natural remedies, or maybe painkillers conflict with other medication you are taking or have unpleasant side effects.
Eazol natural homeopathic pain relief could be the answer.
Made with natural herbs, with each ingredient hand-picked, Eazol can ease those nagging pains that most of us suffer every day.†
No negative side effects, nothing artificial or chemical, nothing that will upset your stomach.
So nothing to worry about†
This herbal pain relief medication is designed for people with chronic pain issues, and is a healthy alternative because it is non-addictive, unlike conventional pain medications.
Eazol can help control the symptoms of common complaints such as tendinitis, fibromyalgia, muscle and joint pain, back ache and neuralgia.
'Ease it with Eazol' say the manufacturers. 'Formulated to soothe those nagging aches and pains.'
So how does this FDA-Registered pain reliever work?
The active†ingredients included in Eazol are White Willow Bark, Gelatin, Bosswelia and Water.†White Willow and Bosswelia have been used for centuries as healing ingredients and are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
And white willow bark is used in Chinese medicine instead of aspirin as it will not irritate the stomach lining.

So Eazol can help relax muscles and reduce swelling - hence its effect on pain.

So what do the users say?
'Since Iíve taken it the pain has ceased to be a problem,' says one customer.

'Since I have been using your product my body feels so much better,' says another.
However it is important to note that opinions over the efficacy of homeopathic treatments are by no means universal.†
Difficulties remain in the science - for example the individualized nature of treatment, the use of combination remedies, small sample sizes and difficulties with measuring outcomes objectively.
Whatever your opinion, there's little doubt that homeopathy requires patience.
Eazol is not a miracle pill. It works naturally on both the causes and symptoms of illness. †
So significant and permanent relief from pain can be achieved only over time.†
Generally, Eazol is non-toxic with no side effects. However it is important to check all medications with your doctor.†
Some websites advise against using Eazol in combination with anti-depressants and other medications, so consultation is crucial.†
This supplement is not recommended to pregnant or nursing women, or children.

Full priced, the product is $50 a bottle, however there are discounts available for ordering quantities or from certain websites.†
Only you can decide if this cost outweighs aggravating or constant pain.†
And there are some possible issues with delivery. One customer reported ordering Eazol twice, instead they were shipped a 'virility patch' (whatever that might be).†
So beware of customer service issues when ordering, and check the terms and conditions for returns/refunds.
And take some time to understand how homeopathy works before hoping for miracles.
Date Reviewed: November 2, 2011, 3:28 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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