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Affordable way to build a biodome. Claims that no special skills needed.


No independent reviews available. Consensus seems to be that you do need skills, time and space to complete a successful project.


Check out internet videos and free advice first.

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Eden BioDome Revolution Review
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Eden BioDome Revolution, by Kacper Postawski - REVIEW

It's a very tempting by-line.
'Warning... you are in danger of becoming free for life from the food industry.'
Building home biodomes (similar to the famous tropical gardens greated at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England), is becoming something of a craze.
And the internet is packed with advice on how to build your own biodome and start growing lovely food and flowers all year round.
'It's easy,' says Kacper Postawski. 'You don't need any special skills, I'll show you how to do it step-by-step and best of all 'extremely cheap.'
Which is not the message you get if you go to any of the kit-build websites. The biodomes are great, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful spaces, but they are not by any stretch of the imagination, cheap.
However Kacper Postawski begs to differ. 'They're extremely cheap to build,' he says. 'You can build one for pennies compared to the cost of normal green-houses by using regular 2x4s from Home Depot.'
And this is no inferior version. Postawski's 'Eden Biodome Revolution' will, allegedly, show you how to build a heat efficient, strong, 'food factory' of any size to suit your space. It will withstand earthquakes and hurricanes and grow, 'an incredible amount of food.'
And this is not a cheap-looking, ugly, ramshackle structure (not if you believe the photos on the website, anyway). Postawski will show you how to build a 'beautiful wooden biodome for around $200.'
Compared to the quotes in thousands of dollars from kit manufacturers, this has got to be worth investigating.
'It too me a while to figure out,' says Kacper. 'But I finally figured the "magic" 3 step process to producing the dome struts.'
Then everything fell quickly into place.
And now you can 'easily' build one for your own family, out of simple 2 x 4s. 
The method is all laid out in Kacper's 'Biodome Revolution' eBook.
Another key to success is the 'incredible material I have found to cover your dome.' Apparently, it turns Canadian winters into places where  'farmers are picking strawberries in their t-shirts.'
'Cheaper than glass, acrylic or any other type of transparent plastic!'
At $49.97 for the full guide, it reads 'too good to be true.'
Which is precisely what some forum users think of this eBook.
'Anything that looks too good to be true, is too good to be true,' they say.
But hey, maybe you're not so cynical.
It is true that Kacper makes it sound too simple - and customers warn of this.
'Building a greenhouse geodesic dome is time consuming but not too difficult if you take accurate dimensions and have a generous workspace. You need at least one assistant to help you cut, measure and assemble your geodesic dome.'
But I found it very difficult to find independent reviews of this product. All links led straight back to the 'Biodome Revolution' website or were composed of text very similar to the original (watch out for 'strawberries in their t-shirts...').
And Mr Postawski has had complaints against him for not shipping promised products. He has quite a few eBooks available on varied topics and appears to have made a lot of money marketing eBooks.
Which kind of takes away from his claim that he developed the Eden Biodome because he couldn't afford to buy a biodome kit.
It's a great idea but sadly, not too credible.
And there are other free guides to building biodomes available online - not as pretty as Kacper's, but functional.
Check them out first.
Date Reviewed: December 10, 2011, 11:26 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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