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Large, easy to read screen that can display information and decipher engine codes across most car models made after 1996. Built in LED emissions checker and access to the Innova website are great bonuses.


Will not work for older vehicles and there's no carrying case. There may also be newer models available, though more expensive.


Any car enthusiast needs to have one of these in their garage, plain and simple.

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Equus INNOVA 3100 from Equus Products, Inc
Egus INNOVA 3100 Review
Robert Sunset rates this 3.5/5
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Equus INNOVA 3100 detailed information
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REVIEW: Egus INNOVA 3100 Code Reader (CAN/OBDII)

The Innova 3100 CAN/OBDII Code Reader is a dream device for the Do-It-Yourself mechanic who loves to tinker with vehicles and you can find this specific model in many large auto shops due to its ease of use and reliability. The Innova 3100 works on most vehicles built after 1996 that use the OBD2 "on board diagnostics" system that monitors the condition of various systems in your vehicle.You've probably had some flashing engine lights on a vehicle at some point and this will tell you in great detail what that flashing code means.

Once you know what's giving a vehicle problems, you can either fix it yourself or take it to a mechanic with a lot of useful information on your side. To make things even easier, you get access to the Innova website that helps you learn more about what the codes mean, how to fix things and general questions and answers about how to use the 3100 effectively.

What features does the Innova 3100 CAN/OBDII Code Reader have?

Check engine light information

This is one of the most popular reasons to use this device and as we've already mentioned, that flashing engine light is never a good sign. If you like to fix things yourself, are a mechanic or are just curious about how vehicles work, this device will decipher that flashing engine light and tell you exactly what the problem is. 

Easy to read screen

The 3100 has an "all-in-one" screen so you can easily get all the data you need from it. This could be engine, emissions or drive cycle related. The data also refreshed every 30 seconds while connected so you can view issues in near real-time. This is extremely useful for pre and post repair checks. 

Emission status LEDs

Many states require your vehicle to adhere to emissions standards and this tool handles all of that for you. This system is usually a completely different device so it's nice to have it included.

Access to uses a RepairSolutions database that can give you code information, reports, common reasons for codes and fixes among other things. If you have a problem with an o2 filter, for example, you can view simple steps to replace it yourself.

One year warranty

This and other Equus products come with a one-year warranty should it be defective or break during normal, everyday use.
What do others think of the Innova 3100 CAN/OBDII Code Reader

Fred Moore ( user)

"I bought INNOVA 3100 about 2 weeks ago because my MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) was on. Plugged it in after reading the manual. It said Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Heater was bad. Called Mitsubishi dealer: Cost of part $317.43 plus 30 minutes of shop time. Looked up a replacement on internet at a cost of $37 plus $10 for a special socket to remove and replace. Another $7 for a Sears crimping tool and I replaced the part and saved over $228 plus I have the INNOVA to use over and over again.

Some reviewers have said that they can't save reports in their computer. There is now a button on the INNOVA supplied program to "Save to File." This makes a test file of about 17 different test results. It is in .txt format and you can copy and paste it into a Word document if you want to dress up the format.

Both the PC CD and the tool worked fine right out of the box. The unit comes with two cables: One to plug into the OBD2 socket under the dashboard of your car, and the other to plug into a USB socket on your PC. The INNOVA has built in memory to save readings obtained during a drive and then subsequently provide the data to your PC.

I am VERY PLEASED to give this unit FIVE STARS."

Shadetreepony ( user)

"Read the codes no problem. If I had questions the info is readily availiable on the internet. Didn't use the repair help that can be had for a fee. Think for my purposes, this wouldn't be cost effective. If you have a little mechanical knowledge, this tool is even more useful for troubleshooting. Regrettably, this tool doesn't have a storage case. In spite of this, great value. Highly recommended."

The Bottom Line

The Innova 3100 is a pretty nice product and I wish I had one a year ago when I decided it was time to replace various pieces in my two main vehicles. Instead I wrote codes down, called auto shops, browsed the PC and all kinds of other things that I really didn't need to do. Even if you're a novice when it comes to cars, simply having one of these around could potentially save you thousands of dollars in mechanic bills as long as you use them properly.

If you love cars or just like to fix them, this device absolutely needs to be in your toolbox. 
Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 6:23 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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