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Elumacigs The Sexy E Cigarette
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Eluma Review - The Sexy E Cigarette

Eluma = Sexy

To me, based on looks alone, Eluma is a hot electronic cigarette. They're just sexy! The packaging is stylish, simple and sleek. Eluma gives you an option of their white starter kit or their black starter kit (black is edgier, white more elegant). They come in 6 flaves including tobacco, menthol, chocolate, vanilla, cherry and espresso or you can get a variety pack and they have 4 strengths from full to no nicotine. Their regular starter kit is $79.99 but they have a simplified starter kit at just $39.99. 

They give you quite detailed instructions about what to do and what not to do. If you're new to this world, since e cigarette devices employ both a battery and liquid you need to be careful with some models not to store them in the wrong position. They also suggest that there's an art to dragging on Elumacigs. It's a bit different than smoking cigarettes and requires a lighter touch to get the full vapor hit.

Elumacigs are consistently making improvements to their product. The latest is to their cartomizer which means no atomizer maintenance for you. They tout themselves as the world's highest quality e-cigarette but the bottom line for that is your own subjective taste. They also offer that they are up to 80% less expensive than traditional cigarettes and of course there is no tar, no tobacco, no ash or odor.

So how does Eluma compare in a market teaming with competition?

All in all Eluma does pretty well. What jumps out at me from my research is inconsistency. They show moments of excellence and moments of dive bombing! You have to do a bit of fishing to find genuine user feedback that is not goading the reader into a purchase and there will always be dissatisfied customers. What I came away with is the sense that Eluma has a few things it does really well and a few areas it needs some work in.

Vapor Production:

Eluma gets consistently high marks for vapor production. Most of the people who rave about this product mention this as one of, if not their main reason! It's an important feature so kudos to Eluma for solid positive results regarding vapor.


This is another area where Eluma gets consistently favorable reviews from users who have had a good experience with the product.

Atomizer and Battery:

Wildly mixed review on the atomizer and battery. Some people literally bragged about the longevity they got out of it and others complained it burnt out to quick. It may be they've improved the product over time. 

Customer Service:

Again, wildly mixed reviews. Some had an amazing experience others lousy. One suggestion… try calling with questions rather than emailing. You may get better results.

Variety in an affordable kit:

Elumacig got praise for the fact that most inexpensive starter kits don't offer a range of flavors the way elumacigs do.

If you want my recommend for an even more economical solution from a company that gets more consistent user feedback I'd go for South Beach Smoke. South Beach offer their premium starter kit at $29.99 with a variety pack of flavors. SBS found it's way into MTV's gift back for their awards show. This popular brand is definitely on the rise. Here's a  link to check out South Beach Smoke with a 10% discount. You can also read my review of SBS here. 

All in all Eluma is both an affordable and sexy and way to ween yourself off smoking tobacco (the words sexy and ween really look funny together, don't they? I'm gonna leave it because it's so wrong it's kinda right!) Bottom line, the style is there but is the substance? Only your taste buds know. To check out Eluma click on any link above or below this review.

Date Reviewed: February 17, 2012, 8:51 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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