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Technique has its advocates. Helpful to some women


Unclear diagrams and instructions mean technique difficult to implement. Expensive for an eBook.


Worth further investigation. Check guarantees and contact information carefully

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"End Morning Sickness" by Claire Batten - REVIEW

Is morning sickness plaguing your pregnancy?
Morning sickness (which, as many women discover, can last way past the morning...) affects many women and can be particularly debilitating. Everyone knows how awful nausea can be; and being unable to eat is even worse when you're carrying a growing baby.
Claire Batten claims she can end your morning sickness, permanently, in less than 24 hours. No more feeling sick when you're hungry, sick when you're full, sick when you smell food, or even just think about food. No waking up feeling sick or nausea when tired. 
And her method is safe, natural and 'effortless.'
Sounds appealing? Of course it does - no woman wants to have to take medication whilst pregnant, and freedom from sickness means freedom to get on with everything else you have to do.
Like get excited over your new baby!
And feeling like a human being again.
The technique is explained in Claire Batten's eBook, 'End Morning Sickness.' 'Don't suffer in silence,' she says. 'There's no need for you to feel low and desperate.'
The method is based on acupressure (acupuncture without needles, essentially), an ancient chinese technique that has identified certain points in the body. Applying gentle pressure to these points can relieve various conditions, including nausea and morning sickness.
The eBook contains step by step instructions on how to tap acupressure points throughout your body.
And it 'works for over 95% of pregnant ladies' giving 'total relief.'
Claire is straightforward in noting that 3% of women only felt a reduction in their nausea, and 2% of women found that the technique made no difference.
If you are one of this 5% then she promises a full refund.
However most women, according to Claire, experience fast, easy relief. You'll be free to enjoy your pregnancy (and your food!) with no risk of side effects and regained energy and nourishment. 
The technique can also help with other pregnancy problems such as headaches, tiredness and sore breasts. It also gives advice on what foods to avoid.
There are a number of endorsements for this product listed on Claire Batten's website.
'I was very, very sick and the doctors wanted to put me on medication. I tried the technique as described and within a few days my vomiting decreased dramatically... My pregnancy is finally tolerable and I don't need medication.'
'Being a yoga instructor, I am always interested in ancient healing methods that help to keep the body fit and healthy... I would recommend this ebook to every pregnant women who suffers from morning sickness.'
However in order to get a balanced view on this product we should look at more independent reviews and comments.
These are mixed.
One lady's report:
'The actual ideas behind it seem logical, working on pressure / meridian points to ease suffering of various ailments including morning sickness, but I found the instructions very hard to follow and not easy to remember, therefore every time I tried it I had to go back to the book.'
And another said: 
'I did find that it took my mind off the morning sickness while I was doing it, but I don't believe it had any major effect on the severity of my sickness.'
So I found a good deal of interest in this approach, but no real endorsements of Claire's product. 
Other people found it expensive for an eBook.  'I do think this is quite pricey for what it is, but it may well help some people. It wasn't really for me.'
And another didn't even receive their product.
'Paid for and never received product or replies from seller,' said one disgruntled customer.
And other sufferers found the approach difficult to put into practice.
'I found I could not complete [the exercises] as I didn't have the time nor the patience whilst I was being sick. It just wasn't practical for me to carry out the physical exercises whilst having my head down the toilet. Overall, it has helped my nausea and morning sickness by teaching me to think positive.'
And the positive thinking aspect of this approach was helpful to some.
'After reading the whole ebook and using some of the exercises, I found the positive thinking part of the exercises worked best for me.'
Another thought the exercises were an interesting approach but was unsure if she was reaching exactly the right spots. 'Clearer diagrams would help,' she said.
Studies have shown that acupressure can have a positive effect on nausea. One study (which used fake acupressure points as a control) proved that women who received acupressure to the proper points for relieving nausea experienced relief, while those who received acupressure to the fake points did not. 
And the method has been used for years in eastern culture to alleviate morning sickness.  So in conclusion, acupressure techniques, properly applied, are known to help some women in alleviating morning sickness. It is doubtful whether the claims made by Claire Batten (of near-instant relief for 95% of women) are accurate. But her eBook does have some fans. 'It saved my life,' said one reviewer. 
But the unclear diagrams, instructions and lack of independent positive reviews detract from the value of this product.
Date Reviewed: January 2, 2012, 11:32 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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