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This product is very light, compact, and under $75 without accessories . It also comes with a variety of accessories for different applications of the product.


The accessories of this product are rather expensive and the product must be treated with a certain amount of care.


Amazing product with a few small flaws for accessories and needs a certain level of care.

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Eno Double Nest Hammock from Eagle Nest Outfitters
Eno Double Nest Hammock
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Hanging with Hammocks (and accessories)

There are almost no flaws to this product. It is made of 100% nylon and can hold 400 pounds (180 kg). It is made to hold two people so it has quite a bit of room and it is great for camping and backpacking as it is only 21 ounces. ENO hammocks come in a variety of matching colors so you shouldn't have to worry about having one that looks like your friends or not wanting to get a color you like because your friend has it. I promise that you cannot go wrong with the colors. They all look nice and nobody is going to say that your colors don't match. It is also good for other things; I have taken this to my local pool and hung it up just to hang out with some friends. When I go camping I prefer the doublenest over the singlenest just because you have more room for your sleeping bag if you decide to sleep in it and more room if you decide to sit with a friend.

There are many accessories that you can buy with any ENO hammock, such as: slap straps, gaurdian bugnet, and repair kit. The slap straps are great. There are three versions, all of which come with a small containment bag: Original, PRO, and Atlas Suspension System. Original straps are only found in stores now and are declining in popularity, so I wouldn't waste my time searching all over town or the internet just to find some. PRO straps are just like the original straps but longer. They are made of nylon webbing, only weigh 8 ounces, can hold 400 pounds, and are tree friendly. The Atlas System just has loops at every space for more convenience. They are made of polyfilament webbing, weigh 11 ounces, can hold 400 pounds, and are tree friendly. The straps are great, but there are cheaper materials out there that do the job, you just have to know how to tie a simple knot that can hold you up. I do not recommend rope or paracord. The material from slackwire is great. It is webbed nylon and can hold just as much as the slap straps. 

Even though the bugnet is roomy and has the same design as the bugnets that soldiers used in Vietnam, it is very expensive and not worth the cost. There are bigger, better, and cheaper bugnets out there if you just do some looking. But, if you are interested, it weighs 16 ounces and is made of No-see-um netting, which is the most popular, and best kind of all hammock bugnets. The repair kits are good but they aren't simple to use. It isn't like sewing a patch on the knee of some wholly jeans; you have to know a bit about sewing and need a little more information than the directions provide. (I might be exaggerating a bit, but that's just my experience with it.)

Although, many people dislike ENO and its products because they charge quite a bit for their product's accessories. They don't dislike ENO because their hammocks were disfunctional but because ENO likes to sell its products seperately and they don't give dicounts for buying in bulk or buying a product with its accessories. Customer also, tend to dislike that even though the doublenest is made for two people but its a pretty tight squeeze, so you will want to really know the person your sitting with. Another thing customers dislike is that, as I said above, the hammocks must be treated with care, which is sometimes hard to accomplich with backpacking or camping.

All in all, I highly suggest buying ENO hammocks if you are looking for a nice portable relaxation station or hiking the Appalachin Trail. DEAL or DUD? DEAL

Date Reviewed: October 15, 2012, 9:27 am
Reviewed by dbishop503
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