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It deliver crystal clear images with rich saturation and brightness levels. It is also very easy to use.


Lens controls are manual; it's also very expensive.


This is a must buy product.

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Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector from Epson
Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector Review
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Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector detailed information
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FULL REVIEW: Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector

Though it looks similar to the Epson Home Cinema 3010, the Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector delivers more striking image detail and quality, as well as having ample 3D image capabilities--even more so than the Panasonic HD projector.  Consumers will especially enjoy its easy and often quiet functionality.  A must buy for any home theater.  Here's my review.

  • Amazing quality; saturation and sharpness are the best on the market
  • Quiet, easy to use controls make it easy for anyone to use
  • Has multiple settings to adjust the image's lighting to the room's surroundings

  • Expensive; currently retails for around $2,700
  • All of the lens controls are manual


Design-wise, the Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector looks similar to the Epson Home Cinema 3010--but that's where the similarities end.  This model's latest change lies in its design, featuring a rimmed black edge which connects to the lens, making it look far more sleek than Epson's cheaper models, which only get by with plain white.  The device also contains a secret control panel, which hides under a panel cover, where many of the device's controls can be customized and used (minus its lens controls).

For those wishing for computerized lens control, you're out of luck here--the lens controls in this model are also manually controlled.  But that needn't be a deterrent, as the controls are very easy to use, responding quickly to the slightest of movements.  Storage is also easy--it isn't too big or clunky, so should you need to store it away in a closet, it should fit snugly onto any sturdy shelf.  Overall, this is a good and sleek design that looks as awesome as it performs.


The quality this device delivers is far superior to most models on the market--even the higher end models, and this is no exaggeration.  The image the projector creates is very crisp and true to life; the saturation and color is vivid and clear.  The black levels are also a big improvement from Epson's cheaper models, and no posterization was evident during testing of this device.  Glitchiness was nonexistent.

Thanks to the adjustable lens, positioning where the image hits the projection screen (or wall) is easy and dynamic: It can be adjusted to hit nearly any spot you desire.  During testing, experts considered this to be the device's strongest feature--and it appears to be a favorite among customers as well.  Overall, the quality that the Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector delivers is superior--and don't forget it also supports 3D as well!


Feature-wise, this version doesn't contain a slew of them--but for the ones it does contain, they do the job well.  As mentioned earlier, it contains manual lens adjusters, which change the focus and location of the image.  Compared to other brands, these adjusters are far more dynamic and easier to control, making a strong point of this device.  To keep dust from entering the lens, it also contains a retracting lens crap, which slides in front of the projector lens when it's not in use--a simple but very useful feature.  

To adjust the lighting, the Epson 5010 PowerLite 3D Front Projector also contains several lighting settings, which adjust the image's brightness according to its immediate surroundings.  For instance, it contains a Living Room mode, which adjusts the image to adapt to the natural and artificial light that can obscure the device's image, such as too-bright lamps or the reflection from the sun.  Though it may not seem like a big deal, these settings will come in handy should you want to watch movies in the daytime.

What the Customers Say

Customers seem to really love this product--some even claim it's a perfect product.  Here's what they had to say:

"For movie viewing, this projector is PERFECT!  I would recommend it without any reservations."

"Overall, highly recommended projector.  If you've been looking for a good 3D projector which is not outrageously expensive, your search just ended."


The verdict is easy here: Although the lens controls are manual, it is definitely worth the purchase.  This device is highly recommended.
Date Reviewed: April 20, 2012, 8:49 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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