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A great projector for many users with many features from a company you can trust, Epson.


The fan is small and makes it run hot, especially if you keep it on for too long.


All in all, this projector is a great value for the price.

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Epson EX5210 Business Projector from Epson
Epson EX5210 XGA 3LCD Review
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Epson EX5210 Business Projector detailed information
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REVIEW: Epson EX5210 Business Projector (XGA, 3LCD)

There are times in business when I need to be able to give a presentation to a group of people so having a projector that I can connect to my laptop is a must.  It is also important that the equipment be easy to use and portable because I have a small car and I don’t usually need anything for larger rooms.  So, in my research, I found the Epson EX5210 Business Projector and wanted to see what it was all about.  On the surface it seems to have what I’m looking for in a projector but the price was a little high at over $500.

My main goal was to see if this projector is worth the high price and would I be able to use for more than just computer presentations.  After doing some more digging, I found that there are many different uses for this handy projector and that there are not many downsides that would keep me from buying it unless I found a projector that offered me the same bells and whistles but at a lower price.  Of course, the quality must be the same and Epson is a quality company that I trust.

Product Features

  • Easy Connectivity Via USB Port
  • High Resolution
  •  Image Correction
  • High Definition Capabilities
  • Supports USB Flash Drives

After seeing all the great features built into this projector I realized that it was more than just a projector for presentations.  I could actually use it at home as well turning my wall into a movie screen and having high quality movies playing at any size I want.  Seriously, with a price tag so high, almost as much as a large flat panel television, there should be a lot of bells and whistles and this projector does offer that. 

Why You Need It

Other than being easy to set up and use, the Epson EX5210 Business Projector is also extremely portable and compact.  Much smaller and lighter than you would expect from a piece of equipment of this caliber but this is one of the positives too.  The fact that it offers high definition output is a huge plus to me as well and again, I can imagine using this for more than just presentations.  It can be used for family functions such as a wedding anniversary. You can load all of your pictures onto a flash drive, plug it in and let the slide show begin and the couple and guests can watch all the memories effortlessly stream.

What Can Be Improved Upon

The fan in this unit is not very big which keeps the weight of the unit down but it does cause it to run hotter than I would have expected.  Also, because of the heat, the projector turns itself off or it does not project any images until it is turned off and allowed to cool off.  Do not use the USB cable if you want to watch a video projected onto your wall as there is some flickering of the video.  There is a PC cable that comes with it and that is the best bet or if you have an HDMI jack on your computer that offers you high definition movies. 

What People are Saying

Dale Long says, “Turns off quickly and the fan stops. However, the device still feels hot to the touch. I can see this as a positive if you need to unplug and move it to another location quickly, but I would prefer an option to keep the fan running to continue to cool the bulb down. I don't like putting the projector back in the bag when it's still hot, so I have to wait even longer than if the fan was cooling it down.”

MisterMikelSir says, “Bought this a couple of months ago and has used it at home,my church and my neighbor's church. This Epson projector is great for movies as well as presentations and it shows great in well lighted rooms,easy setup fast cooldown and lite weight. Thinking of buying another one for my church.”


All in all, this projector does fit my needs and I will more than likely purchase it for not only presentations, but for home use as well.  For those who need to have the portability and convenience of use, this is the projector for you.  If you need this and do not have one of the large flat panel televisions, you can certainly use this in place of one if you have a blank wall to project on to.  I would suggest using a laptop cooling pad if you plan on watching a long movie or a great deal of television through this projector.


Date Reviewed: April 25, 2012, 9:07 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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