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It comes with a free trial, which allows you to see how the program scans for errors in the registry.


There is evidence it may actually be malware, which can infect your computer and ruin computer performance.


This product is not recommended.

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Error Fix from Error Fix
ErrorFix Review
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ErrorFix Registry Repair REVIEW - Here's what real users think...

When your computer slows down, your first guess may be secret spyware, a virus, or just your computer showing its age.  But few suspect that their computer registry is full of erroneous information--something that can slow down computer performance.

The fix: A little known registry cleaning program called ErrorFix Registry Repair.

Here's how it works--after installing and running the program, ErrorFix Registry Repair scans your computer's entire registry, examining each entry for any broken links or erroneous information, stuff that could slow down your computer.  After it identifies these baddies, it then prompts the user to remove it.  This, according to ErrorFix Registry Repair, can speed up performance by freeing up more of the registry.  It's a fairly simple concept.

To simply scan your computer, ErrorFix Registry Repair won't charge you.  Simply install their trial version for instantaneous, hassle-free scanning.  In order to remove these threats, however, you'll need to pay for their full version--which, like most registry removing programs, costs $29.95.

How ErrorFix Registry Repair Works

ErrorFix Registry Repair is a tidy, easy-to-install program that runs within minutes of installation.  To make it easy to use, it uses large buttons which simplify the scanning, identifying, and removal process.  Pressing one button allows for quick scanning; the other changes certain program options; the other helps create backup restores or manage start-up programs.  From there, you simply let the program do the dirty work for you, scanning and eliminating perceived errors.

When ErrorFix Registry Repair recognizes an error, or errors, it displays them in a small box which organizes it by type.  For instance, broken shortcuts may be organized into its own separate section, whereas problematic Active X controls will get their own little group.  From there, you can pick and choose whatever errors you want to keep or delete.

Unfortunately, there are no restore options here--once you delete the errors, they're gone forever.  This means you'll need to be careful about what you delete; sometimes ErrorFix Registry Repair may identify errors that are not actually errors at all.  Deleting some of these may make the computer inoperable.  The only way to determine if the error won't cause a critical malfunction is to ask a computer expert, either in person or online.

Issues with ErrorFix Registry Repair

Although, the only expert reviewer of this product, admits it only tried out the trial version of this program, it says it "does a good job of identifying Registry errors."  It gives ErrorFix Registry Repair a 3 out of 5 stars.

However, there's something fishy about this program--it's been reported by Kapersky Antivirus as rogue security software.  This is a type of software that identifies fake threats and then prompts the person to purchase the software to remove it.  In reality, the threat does not exist, and in most cases, the computer is perfectly safe.

A rudimentary search of its existing customer reviews only adds fuel to the fire.  Here's what some of them had to say:

"It really messed up my computer.  I've never seen a blue-screen computer crash before.  Now I see them 2-3 times every day.  I have written to the company 4 times and they are no help or they don't respond at all."

"I wanted to clean up and speed up my machine, which is reaching a critical full disk stage.  Normally I would check software out before downloading.  However, relying on CNET's review I did not this time.  AM I SORRY!  First day I received an email that a state agency firewall found malware in a message I sent out to 30 people.  When I scanned with Nortons it found over 200 malware entries all related to software."

"This is the worst piece of spyware on the market I have tried.  It wiped my computer clean of necessary items, and even after a registry restore and a complete system restore, I found I could not boot up my computer, nor connect to the Internet."


After evaluating the evidence from both and Kapersky Antivirus, it is highly suggestive that this registry cleaner is not a cleaner at all--in fact, it may actually be malware.  For your own safety, this product isn't recommended, you are much safer sticking to a product like WiseFixer to speed up your computer and correct errors.
Date Reviewed: March 5, 2012, 5:42 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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