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It comes with a free trial, which scans for registry irregularities.


You can only remove "bad" entries by paying for the program. ErrorFix has also been identified as a rogue software program, which may make up false threats to convince users to purchase its program.


Consider purchasing a different program that isn't classified as "rogue software."

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Error WIz from Error Wiz
ErrorWiz Review
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ErrorWiz PC Optimizer Software - FULL REVIEW

Have a slow, sluggish computer? †Chances are your computer may be experiencing a build-up of bad data in its registry, the computer's database for storing configuration data. †Over time, if bad data--such as broken links or invalid entries--continues to build up in the registry, the computer becomes "clogged up", causing it run slowly and crash more often. †To stop this from happening, you need to clean out the bad data manually or with an official registry cleaning program.

If you don't have the technical aptitude to clean your registry manually--only PC experts should clean it out--then you'll need to cough up some dough for a good registry cleaner. †This review will cover a popular registry cleaner called ErrorWiz.

Here's what you will learn in this review:
  • How ErrorWiz works
  • Its good (and not so good) features
  • What real customers think of this program

First, we'll discuss how ErrorWiz works.

How ErrorWiz Works

ErrorWiz is what is known as a†registry cleaner--a program that scans, identifies, and removes bad data in the computer's registry. †It identifies bad data through a complicated algorithm, which looks for data that is incomplete, out of date, or is corrupted in some way. †For example, if you install a program and then uninstall it, some program data may still be in the registry, although the computer does not need this data anymore to function correctly.

ErrorWiz says it does all of this, removing problematic entries via its "Scan" feature. †Once you press this button, it will quickly scan for erroneous entries and then ask for permission to delete them. †ErrorWiz comes with a free trial that allows you to scan for irregularities, but, if you want to remove them, you must pay the full license fee. †It also allows you to backup your computer data in case something goes wrong, like if it removes an important entry by mistake.

Problems with ErrorWiz

From first glance, ErrorWiz appears to be safe--but†appearances†can be deceiving. †Here's why: Numerous anti-virus and anti-spyware websites, such as Malwarebytes, report that ErrorWiz is actually something called a rogue software program. †This is a program that†fictitiously†pretends to scan and find computer irregularities, then, after alerting the computer user of these problems, prompts them to pay a fee to remove them. †When you pay to remove the irregularities, however, it doesn't--instead, it may even attempt to create more computer problems. † explains:

"As soon as the victim downloads ErrorWiz trial version, it offers to buy the full version to fix these false errors. †If the user agrees, ErrorWiz not only does not fix the errors, but it takes the user's money and may even install additional spyware into the victim's computer."

In turn, anti-malware websites have observed that it may slow down the computer and create more pop-up ads to convince consumers that their computer's registry is clogged up with errors. †But this isn't the registry's doing; in reality, it is the program itself that is causing the computer to slow down.

Its customers even echo the same sentiment.

"It specifically designed to relieve you of your hard earned cash," says one customer. "When installed, Error Wiz†displays†tons of counterfeit alerts asking to pay for using the tool."

Other customers also agree that this program doesn't work--in fact, many of them have flooded anti-malware forums asking for tips on how to remove it. †That doesn't exactly attest to ErrorFix's reliability or safety.


After comparing the evidence from both customers and anti-malware websites, the answer is clear: This program has evidence of malicious activity. †Recommendation? †Choose a more reliable, safer registry cleaner such as WiseFixer instead.
Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 12:03 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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