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EsalesTrack CRM Review From: Soleran

User-friendly operations, low price

Not suited for larger businesses, extensive organizations or operations

This affordable CRM service is fabulously designed for small and medium size businesses; Noleran may have the premier system of this class available for purchase.

ESalesTrack CRM Review - How Does it Stack Up Against the (Steep) Competition?

eSalesTrack is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service designed for easy and quick access to sales information, built-in analysis, security, scalability, and mobility. eSalesTrack differentiates itself from the better known brands in the business by offering simplicity and ease of use as its strongest USP. The problem with most CRM systems is that in an attempt to make the system more comprehensive, it ends up becoming more complicated.

A majority of such systems are created by computer professionals who tend to build the system from an expert’s perspective. However, the actual salesperson for whom the CRM system is created, is not likely to be a computer geek who will love the computer jugglery. Sales people are looking for a CRM system that is easy to manage and user-friendly for a non-computer expert. This goes without saying. This is where eSalesTrack system positions itself against its competitors.

On-Demand SFA

SFA or Sales Force Automation is the most basic part of any effective CRM strategy. eSalesTrack will automate all your sales pipelines and provide your sales people with advanced SFA tools. All the tools are web-based, which ensures that your sales team is constantly connected to you from any part of the world. You can manage your customer details, generate reports, and analytics in real time, get in touch with the sales force and customers, schedule meetings, all from anywhere at any time.

Mobile CRM

Sales jobs are mobile by nature. That makes it very important to have an efficient system that allows your sales people to access their accounts, leads, communications, and analytics in real time with any smart phone or PDA. The mobile edition of eSalesTrackserves this purpose ideally. Unlike many competitors, this mobile version is custom designed for portable devices, and not just a squished down webpage downloaded on your mobile phone.

Cloud Computing CRM

eSalesTrack’s CRM on the cloud allows you to access data from anywhere at any time. You do not need to pay any installation or maintenance costs for this service. It makes centralized remote enterprise database accessible online. The good thing about eSalesTrack cloud computing is that you can integrate it with office software applications for better client management. The service is entirely customizable to match with your specific business needs.

Focus on Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Soleran’s corporate Mission Statement (provided on its website) defines the company’s target market clearly: “Soleran is dedicated to building the leading cloud based Customer Service Relationship (CRM) solution that can be tailored for any small to medium size business. With, data and analytics normally reserved for large corporations are available at affordable rates. This gives companies a comprehensive perspective on sales and performance. Helping them make better business decisions and plans.”


Pricing is one of the best strengths of eSalesTrack CRM system. It offers the complete range of services at a single price of $40 per month per user. That is certainly cheaper than some of the fancier CRM systems available on the market. A single price grants you access to all the features the system provides. However, it is recommended that you start with just a few features first, and gradually move on to utilize more of the capabilities of this system as you become more adept with the features. As you undoubtedly become more comfortable in how to integrate this software into the sales division of your organization and your employees learn to exploit this system’s virtues, eSalesTrack’s CRM will begin to pay for itself and then some.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:41 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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