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Eversmoke from Eversmoke.com
Eversmoke Why Would You Ever Smoke Another Cigarette
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Eversmoke Review - Why Would You Ever Smoke Another Cigarette?

Eversmoke's Vapormax!

Ireally like Eversmoke. There are a ton of e cigarette makers in this emerging market and you can tell a lot about how they will grow and develop based on how they've launched themselves. Because I'm such a fan of the e-cigarette I've researched the most popular brands. Eversmoke is totally plugged in to social media, they have an 800 number, lifetime warranty and 30 day moneyback guarantee. They have an e-cigarettes savings calculator on their website which is a neat little app to show you exactly how much money you'll save by switching from tobacco cigarettes to Eversmoke (lots!).

The thing that really "draws" me to this product though, is their Vapormax technology (sorry for the pun could not resist!) Eversmoke has developed a proprietary technology to deliver maximum vapor. This happens to be a big selling point for me. If you like the fun of blowing french rings or just enjoy big plumes of swirling smoke as part of your smoking experience, go with Eversmoke. They've also built a silicone tip into their mouth piece to prevent leakage (yuck to leakage yay to Eversmoke's silicone tip!)

Eversmoke has a great video so you can see for yourself their technology truly delivers on it's promise:

check out Eversmoke's vaping action!
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Their website is really easy to navigate with very clear instructions and they also get excellent ratings for customer service. Another cool feature unique to Eversmoke is their home delivery program. If you sign up with your first order you receive 20% off the first order and 20% off your cartridges on subsequent orders. It's a way to automate the process so you don't have to think about re-ordering. You can change what you receive any time and you can also cancel your subscription any time, completely free. It's a convenient way to save a bit of extra cash on your purchases.

Here's the deal on the home delivery debate:

The vaping community is a sub-culture all it's own as you may have found by checking out the forums. People get deeeeeeep into this stuff. I mean deep. It kind of reminds me of the fascination people have with restoring vintage cars. I think it's amazing and wonderful and I've learned a ton, even just by listening in. People are incredibly generous with their knowledge and understanding of the various products and they are happy to share their wisdom with you.

Those who have really gotten into it have a deep understanding and appreciation for all the vaping technology and they are constantly trying out new methods to improve their experience, either by increasing the amount of vapor they get, increasing the lifespan of the battery so they don't have to recharge as frequently, finding the best source of e-juice and technology and finding all sorts of DIY solutions for saving even more money than you already do with e cigs.

To Automate or not to Automate?

Which is where the debate comes up about whether to home deliver or not. It really boils down to what kind of e cig vaper you are and whether you are the type of person who sees your time as more valuable than money or the type of person who enjoys finding DIY solutions to save a few more bucks. There's no right or wrong to it but there is a real benefit to recognizing which category you fall into. It simplifies your life! You get clarity about how to make a choice that's ideal for you.

If you have a full life, you want to keep things simple and/or you're just getting into e cigs I highly recommend the Eversmoke home delivery program. It will cut the cost of your monthly purchases, you can cancel or alter it at any time and it basically gives you one less thing to think about because it's automated. In the end that saves you time and trouble.

On the other hand, if you see yourself as an explorer in a new world or you're into gadgets or you have a DIY philosophy when it comes to e cigs, my recommend would be to just get a starter kit and take it from there.

If you like the Home Delivery concept and you're looking for a brand that's a bit more well known, I recommend South Beach Smoke.

To Check out SBS CLICK HERE.

To check out Eversmoke and receive a 10% discount at checkout, CLICK HEREor just click on any of the buttons on this review and the discount will be automatically applied.

Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 3:16 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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