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Review of (Federal Firearm's License) by Rodney Davis...

Are you looking into getting a Federal Firearms License?

Maybe you are thinking of selling firearms online? Or perhaps you think you can save money on personal purchases?

Well of course the first stage would be to investigate getting a license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco (commonly known at the BATF).

Now, as with any government agency, you understand that there will be background checks, application packs and other hoops you need to jump through. And you may have come across one of the agencies online that claim to be able to assist with the process.

Federal Firearms Licence Kit owned by Rodney Davis of Davis Custom Firearms, is one such organization.

'With my exclusive kit,' he says, you will learn how to 'apply right the first time' so you can start making savings or profits buying or selling firearms.

The guide gives in depth instructions on both applying and advice on how to set up shop. 'We're here to help you,' says Rodney. 'We know what it takes.'

There are two levels of guide available: the 'Basic Kit' for $19.49 (including 'Exclusive Secret Wholesalers List') and the 'Ultimate Kit' for $49.99. Both options give you 90 days access to a 'Personal Consultation' service. 

And Mr Davis is non-too-impressed with his competitors on the web (who also sell FFL kits). 'We are the experts,' he says. 'Not a fly by night pharmacist, ebook publisher with little or no experience dealing with the ATF, No one online has as much experience in this field and helping others as we do.'

He promises that all his information is up to date ('unlike any other source'). 

'As gundealers in the home business and retail location settings we know the ins and outs of getting you a FFL,' he says. 

And Rodney warns that there may be changes in legislation that could affect your chances of getting a Federal Firearms license. However he does not give details of how or when this might happen, merely warning that 'Your window of opportunity is closing fast!' 

So how is different from the competitors? Well Rodney Davis says that his kit is up to date for 2012, for a start off, and secondly that the 'Personal Consultation' component is unique.

'We don't try to sell you gunsmithing & firearms courses not required by the BATF,' says Mr Davis, and he quotes his experience with dealing with the bureau. 'Lack of experience may cost you sucessfully applying for your FFL,' he says. 'Let us help you. We provide a service unlike you will find anywhere else.'

And he reassures potential customers that Home FFLs can still be approved. 'They are approved every day,' he says, although he is clear that some cities restrict home businesses and applicants always have to follow local State and federal requirements.

Basically, if you are 21 with a clean background and not prohibited from possessing a firearm you qualify to apply for a FFL.  So is this a service worth purchasing? After all we all know how easy it can be to fall in a hole when dealing with bureaucracy.

Well the word on the street is that you don't need to buy a kit.

'...categorically a waste of money,' said one forum user in response to a question about buying the FFL Kit. 'The ATF has everything you need to get an FFL.'

And others agree. 'There is no short-cut through the legal paperwork to start a business and understand all the laws and regulations that affect you.'

But what about that personal support offered by Mr Davis? If you still feel intimidated by the paperwork, then the forum users argue that, 'FFL paperwork is not that tough to figure out...certainly not tough enough that you would have to pay someone to send a "kit" to you. If you get stuck on something, hit a forum.'

And it seems that the BATF staff are actually very helpful. 'Call the BATF, the guy I spoke with was great, answered all of my questions and mailed me a big packet of info and forms.'

Others agree. 'They will provide everything you need including advice. They've always been very helpful,' said a forum commentator.

The other advice is be patient. 'It's just like getting credit for the first time, you can't get it because you haven't got any...'

A good analogy - because we all know what that's like.

The service may be helpful if you really hate forms and are prepared to pay for help in completing them.

Good luck!
Date Reviewed: March 23, 2012, 12:45 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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