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Great features and easy to learn to use. Affordable in comparison to other tools that do the same things.


Often crashes mid-project so you have to save often.


This looks to be a pretty good piece of software for the price. All in all, I would suggest it to a friend and even try it myself.

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Poser Pro 2012 from Poser
FULL REVIEW Poser Pro 2012
Lisa Mason rates this 4.5/5
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FULL REVIEW: Poser Pro 2012 (Download Edition)

Learning how to work with 3d graphics has always been a wish of mine so when I learned that there was a program that was dedicated to easy 3d creation, I wanted to learn more. The Poser Pro 2012 is one of the best programs on the market for making professional looking renderings. The Poser scenes are realistic and there are many different tools that can be used to render the characters into an almost life like quality.

This program is great for those who want to custom create their own characters for games that they are making. There are a great deal of game makers who choose to work for themselves rather than work for a major company because it gives them more power over the game play and the final product. But is Poser Pro 2012 worth the price of the software? Can a game creator who works at home make enough money using this software to make the cost viable?

I decided to go through features and see for myself.

Product Features

  • Easy to Navigate Software with Drag and Drop Capabilities
  • A Wide Variety of Virtual Stages
  • Preset Characters can be Customized to Your Own Specifications
  • A Wide Variety of Costumes That Can Also be Customized
  • Easily Go From Drawing to Turning Artwork into Viable Media Such as Cartoons or Animation
  • Create 3D Graphics of Any Type, Not Just Characters

There are so many features of this product that it seems like it is the perfect program and for many it is.  The updates that have been made to this version of the software were ones that users were screaming for in earlier releases.  Thankfully the designers listened to the outcry and offered up all the bells and whistles that anyone could want in a program such as this. It's a great example of at home creation software

Why You Need It

Not only are all of the above features reason enough to want this software, but there is more to it than that.  There is also the capability to render 3D graphics in this program and then add them to layers in other graphic programs as well such as Photoshop.  This allows the user to add even more graphics to the image. There are those who prefer to work from one or another program for the final details and having the ability to move back and forth between them is a boon to any game creator or graphic designer.

What Needs to Be Improved Upon

There are some issues with this software that are more frustrating than a huge issues but which should be addressed nonetheless.  The program has some stability issues that can come up when you are in the middle of designing.  It is known to crash frequently so if you are not constantly saving your work, you may find that you are working twice as hard to recreate that which was already done.  Program stability is very important to designers so it is hoped that the Poser Pro designers come out with a patch that will clean up the stability issues in a timely manner.

What Others Say About It

James on Amazon says, “I use Poser mostly for rendering art assets for casual games. I'm absolutely in awe of this new version of Poser! The new features of this software has helped me to breathe new life into my renders. From my experience, the render engine is typically faster than the prior version which is a great savings for animators. The new weight map joints give your figures an amazingly realistic quality of motion and the Subsurface Scattering nodes make everything seem so alive. And there are many other features and improvements that you just have to see. If you're a Poser user, you really need to upgrade to 2012! If you're new to 3D, Poser is an excellent tool to cut your teeth on.”

S. Zimdahl says, “very time that Smith Micro puts out another version of Poser they create more problems than the program is worth. The last stable version of Poser was version 7. Poser Pro 2010 crashed every other week. Poser Pro 2012 crashes several times a week. Also this program still hasn't fixed the duplicate Library entries that Smith Micro had put out a fix when it first appeared with the release of Poser 8. There is a delay in poses which you have to click in the window to have the program change the pose. I would stay away from purchasing this program and hope that some other company takes the reign and puts out a stable version.”


While there are many programs out there that cater to the 3D graphic creation genre, this program seems to have it all with a few minor inconveniences.  The cost is a bit less than many others but it is still a bit pricey.  Those who are simply interested in learning how to render their own characters or want to start working on their own games will find that the cost is more than worth it.  There is a great deal that can be done with this program and as long as all work is saved frequently, there is no fear of lost work because of the program stability.

Date Reviewed: April 23, 2012, 8:59 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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