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Great price for the amount of material you are provided. Inspirational videos to watch. Great way to inspire yourself and as a stepping stone to do more.


The name is misleading and some of the marketing may be overstated.


Material provides a good step-by-step foundation for you to find out what you are best at and where you should be focusing most of your efforts. If this product can help you to find a better job, be more satisfied in the one you are in , find a partner or a great new hobby then this is money well spent. It is not a lot to have a look, but the decision is up to you if you want to give this product a shot.

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Fast Track Life Coach Review
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Life Coach Certification (by Mike Litman & Steve Jones) - REVIEW

Although the name of this product is Life Coaching Certified I wanted to clarify one thing from the start.  This is not  a certification program, it is more of a self-help program that will help you get back on track with your own goals and dreams and perhaps even provide you with the tools you need to help others too, and make money while you are helping them.  Sound good?   Ok, let's start the discussion.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaches help people to achieve the confidence, clarity and the ability to resolve the issues that are keeping them from becoming their ultimate successful and harmonious ideal self.  We have all come up against challenges and set-back in our lives that may take us off of our life's path. The destiny that was waiting for us, but has somehow slipped through our fingers.  Everyone needs a little guidance, a little empathy and a little insight that is free from value judgements or guilt, once in a while.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to have that insight into ourselves first and foremost?  Wouldn't it be even greater if we could take that insight into ourselves, walk a mile in someone else shoes, and help to inspire them to find what their dreams are made of?

That's what life coaching is all about.

If you are an individual who feels rewarded by looking into the thoughts, feelings and the soul of others to find out what is missing, then life coaching might be the right choice for you.   Making a positive influence into the lives of others is a gift that comes back to you and gives you the power to keep giving to others, creating a positive energy flow.

What does Life Coaching Certified offer you?

The creators of this product Steve G Jones and Mike Litman have put together a 100 page e-book and over 30 videos for you to watch and learn from.
Other users of this product said the videos are very well done and that they were very entertaining.

Within the e-book you are provided with over twenty chapters of useful guidance that will teach you thing like how to create values, how to coach, how to coach business owners, plan careers and set goals.  The list goes on, but these are all positive steps things you can read about to help you to take action and move you closer to your ideal self and who you want to be.

All of this is offered up at a price of $47US which I think is quite fair.   At the end of the day, if any of this material does something to help you feel better, allows you to put one positive strategy in place in your life or even causes you to rethink things and find you are actually doing pretty good, then this is not an unreasonable price.  With thirty positive and enthusiastic videos in the same collection, there must be one that you could pop in and feel good about things again.

What are real users saying about this product?

One reviewer had established a system of customer satisfaction with this product and they found that over 40% of those who had purchased the product were unhappy with what they received or how it worked. 

Users also said:
"Steve provides his inputs through video talks which are not only valuable in preparing one as a life coach but are very inspiring as well".

"I am not really sure who does the certification or how credible it is."


This is a cool product with lots of great motivational tools to help get you fired up and focused. The videos are inspiring and they will be very useful in getting you creative through processes moving and that empower you to believe in yourself and to find what it is you have in yourself that you can offer to others.
Date Reviewed: December 6, 2011, 10:24 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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