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Relatively Cheap. This product retails for under $40. Great Value. You will get a years worth of e-mail coaching, the program, a step by step fat burning blueprint, and a year of free updates with the Ultimate bundle. Not focused on cardio. Money Back Guarantee


You will have to work out regularly. It's only 20 minutes but you will need to stick with it. Not much cardio information. Cardio will keep you healthy in a multitude of ways so it's always recommended.


Overall, this is a well known, well respected and proven product as long as you follow the guidelines. With no diet restrictions but instead "recommendations" and short workouts in place of hour long runs, this is something people of all ages can start up and stick with.

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Fat Burning Furnace from Zero to Hero Fitness, LLC
Fat Burning Furnace Review
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Fat Burning Furnace by Rob & Karen Poulos - REVIEW

Program Information
The Fat Burning Furnace program is actually pretty well known on the Internet and has been copied more than once by other programs. This is a good sign as if something is worth copying, it's usually a decent product. This product came out in 2006 and has an extensive amount of third-party reviews and user testimonials to help us learn quite a bit about it without paying any money up front. In addition to this information, when you first visit the official website, you'll have access to dozens of free articles related to losing weight, exercising, dieting and staying healthy overall. This should make you feel like you're dealing with a company that honestly cares about these things and that's a good sign.
Website and Program Impressions
On the official website, before you're asked to order anything, you're immediately given some nice free gifts by e-mail and these are an e-book titled "7 Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss and Fitness", a free private bodyfat analysis and a success blueprint .pdf file.  You'll also have the option to view a rather unique video describing common fat loss misconceptions, common causes of diet failure and many other interesting things. It's animated and is actually interesting to watch unlike some videos that seem like they end up saying "you're wrong, I'm right."
The official Fat Burning Furnace website doesn't actually tell you how the program works but we did some investigating and determined it's an interesting blend of short, powerful workouts and nutritional advice. This program also has a large list of "how to" sheets for various workouts. Many of these you can do comfortably at home. The most interesting aspect you'll find here is this program understands that people hate diets that basically say "eat less, run more" so they've eliminated that entire "do tons of cardio" section that turns off a majority of dieters immediately. Instead you will do intense 20 minute workouts leaving you more time to enjoy your day or keep to your already busy schedule.
Will This Program Actually Help Me Lose Weight?
This is the million dollar question isn't it? To find the answers ourselves without buying the program and using it for X amount of time, we did some digging and found quite a lot of testimonials on various sites and even more videos on YouTube with people describing their experiences while on this program. The vast majority is positive and many people love the way the Fat Burning Furnace is set up. Using their interval methods and the short, intense workouts, your body actually kicks your metabolism up a notch and it stays there all day.
The biggest key here is to stick with the program. Like most diets, you're not going to wake up on day 3 with a six-pack. These things take time and this program understands why most people quit and uses that in a beneficial way. One thing you'll notice right away is there's no diet restrictions. If you've ever tried to follow a "no bread" diet, it's extremely hard because who doesn't like a nice sandwich or donut now and then?
From what we've seen, people have lost weight successfully while using the Fat Burning Furnace program. They don't end up yo-yoing their weight much either due to the simple way the program works.
User Testimonials From Around The Web
Webboy - ( User Review)
"Pretty Slick...I am finding the book very interesting to read, also I am going to follow this 2-step plan as my daily routine and as part of my diet plan."
Jackie Nice - (Owner/Operator of fitness coaching)
"His weight lifting routines are short 'n sweet and kick-ass HARD. But they do what he's promising: they BURN FAT FAST!"
Sasha - (Forum member on dieting site)
"This is the fifth week and I have lost 16 pounds and gone down two pants sizes!! I'm so overjoyed that I bought a pair of jeans today another size too small because I know I'll get there easily."
Is There Some Expensive Item I'll Have To Buy?
This is one of the oldest tricks around and many shady programs will work like this. You shell out $50 for the program then after ordering it, you get that dreaded popup saying "if you REALLY want this to work, you need this special expensive item." This program absolutely does not do this. They are set up so you can do everything right at home if you want. You can add additional items like low-fat cookware to enhance your results however.
If you've followed the diet scene, even for a short time, you've noticed most diets revolve around eliminating fats, carbs, meats, or some other type of food you really like and want you to become a marathon runner. Will these diets work? Yes, they will. Can most people follow them? Not at all. I sure couldn't. The Fat Burning Furnace offers you a way to lose weight that makes sense and isn't so hard to follow that it feels like work. It's inexpensive compared to other programs and we're impressed by people's testimonials.
Date Reviewed: January 17, 2012, 3:09 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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