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a lot of bang for your buck! Tons of support materials to help you sustain the program. Uses a lot of healthy common sense about nutrition.


couldn't find Dr. Allen's clinic on the web but his rep is clean, A- on BBB


This is a wholesome, balanced approach to dieting which requires some discipline but will definitely yield results.

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Fat Loss Factor from The Fat Loss Factor
Fat Loss Factor Review How To Diet Nutritiously
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Fat Loss Factor Review - How to Diet Nutritiously


About six months ago I was totally fed up with not fitting into my favorite jeans and decided to do something about it. It had been a slow transition getting to that point and for a while I was in complete denial. I knew I didn't want to wear the jeans but I couldn't admit to myself why… I just avoided putting them on. Finally one day I put them on and reconciled myself to the truth (the truth looked like a muffin top). That was the first step towards taking action. 

Lose the pounds:

Several months earlier I had tried taking a break from processed sugar because I thought that would automatically lead to weight loss. It didn't. This totally surprised and confused me. I have a sweet tooth so I figured if I just cut that out, it would do the job. No go. Maybe that would have worked when I was younger but my belly wasn't budging.

What to eat:

I found myself confused and frustrated. I knew I had to find a diet I would actually stick to. I also knew if I didn't see results quickly from my efforts I'd jump ship on whatever diet I chose. As I tried to figure out what to eat I realized a lot of my eating is  emotional… I eat quickly when I'm anxious and don't notice myself getting full. I knew I wouldn't have the patience for portioning out meals and counting calories to lose weight. That takes too much of a particular kind of self control or precision that I just don't have. I really need to see results and then I feel encouraged to maintain those results.

Can I lose weight?

I was feeling doubtful the weight would ever come off no matter what I did. I realized I was going to have to do something a bit more drastic to kick things off and detox from all my cravings. I wanted to see my body at a more ideal weight because I knew that seeing it and being able to fit into those jeans would motivate me to maintain. I went on a 10 day cleanse but I didn't know what I was doing. I made it up as I went along and let me tell you… it was awful! Physically draining for one thing and my friends and family would prefer to never have to live through those mood swings again! 

However, at the end of 10 days I was definitely fitting into my jeans and I felt better… lighter and less hooked on the foods I had been craving. I did a great job of maintaining, even through the holidays, but recently the weight started creeping up again. So I went online to scope out diet plans and that's when I discovered Dr. Michael Allen's "Fat Loss Factor."

Diet and Detox:

What I instantly loved about this method is that it supports what I was instinctively drawn to do. Fat Loss Factor includes a 2 week detox at the beginning of the regimen which has two optional levels. One is more extreme because as part of the 2 weeks it includes a 3 day master cleanse (basically lemonade with cayenne and maple syrup). The gentler option is still quite strict. It's vegetarian and organic. The premise behind this is that all weight loss programs are flawed because they don't take the liver into account. 

What causes weight loss:

According to Dr. Michael Allen, the liver is the body's way of managing weight control and metabolism by breaking down fat. Most people's livers get clogged up from years of not eating properly which causes the liver to stop working effectively. Dr. Allen states that this is the reason why diets are ineffective. You can modify your eating but if you don't first properly cleanse the liver, the process will be too slow and painful. It won't lead to optimal results or you'll give up trying, out of frustration. To be honest I'm skeptical about this stuff but maybe there's something to it. 

Diet and Nutrition:

After the two week intensive detox to clean out your liver, you add low glycemic foods and lean proteins back into your meals for 10 weeks. This gives you enough time to break the spell of emotional eating and attachment to certain foods. If you haven't reached your goal by this time you cycle back through the program. When you're ready to maintain you can introduce your favorite cheat foods once a week.

What recommends Fat Loss Factor?

The main thing that excites me about Fat Loss Factor is the clarity of instructions and incredible amount of support materials you get at a reasonable price (as of this writing, $47 all in.) Or, if you want to go DIY you can sign up for their 7 free tips, which is a great way to check out the material and philosophy to see whether it's a fit for you without making a commitment. 

The site's homepage itself is loaded with insights and advice about common weight loss myths. Basically all the things that stop us from going for it, like our ideas about genetics or believing we have an overeating problem (his book takes an in depth look at stress eating).

I think the key with any good diet is that it resonates with your own intuition about how to take care of yourself, it offers proper support and you're able to do it consistently.

My final thoughts: 

Fat loss factor is not just a diet it's also a detox program, improving our health overall. Yet, we don't have to give up our favorite foods or eat like rabbits. It's about striking a healthy balance and FLF shows you how to get there, step by step. Check out Fat Loss Factor by watching this informative video.

Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 6:10 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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