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The system is easy to follow and promotes both fibroid elimination and overall health. The system works within two weeks.


The system requires the user to purchase additional supplements and foods to follow it.


Users report that Fibroids Miracle does indeed work and within the two-week time frame stated in the e-book. They state that they do notice a reduction in symptoms and have had their fibroids go away.

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Fibroids Miracle from Amanda Leto
Fibroids Miracle Review
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"Fibroids Miracle" by Amanda Leto - REVIEW

Fibroids Miracle is an e-book that outlines a system that purports to permanently and quickly eliminate fibroids. You need to know exactly what a fibroid is and what the medical treatments are to fully understand how this system may work for you.

So, what exactly are fibroids and how are they medically treated?

A uterine fibroid is a noncancerous growth that plagues as many as three out of every four women, especially women in their childbearing years. In most cases, these uterine growths cause no symptoms, but when they do the symptoms can have a great negative impact on your life. What exactly causes a uterine fibroid remains unknown, but certain factors have been identified that could potentially encourage growth. These include the hormones estrogen and progesterone, genetic alterations and certain other chemicals.

Most commonly, these growths cause the following symptoms: heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain or pressure, trouble emptying your bladder, leg pains or backache, prolonged menstrual periods, frequent urination and constipation. In most cases, fibroids are not dangerous, but complications are always possible. These may include extreme pain, heavy blood loss resulting in anemia and blocking the fallopian tubes which could negatively impact conceiving a baby.

A lot of healthcare professionals recommend a watchful waiting approach to treating fibroids if the symptoms are not too severe and no complications have reared their ugly head. When treatment is something that is necessary, certain medications are often tried, such as gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists, androgens, progestin-releasing intrauterine device, oral contraceptives and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery is rarely necessary, but when it is, a myomectomy, hysterectomy, focused ultrasound surgery, myolysis, uterine artery embolization and endometrial ablation may be considered.

Can uterine fibroids be treated naturally?

A uterine fibroid is believed to be caused by hormonal imbalance. Because of this, it is thought that natural remedies that tackle hormonal imbalances could be helpful. This could include anything from certain herbs to diet and lifestyle changes.

So, what is Fibroids Miracle and does it work?

Fibroids Miracle is an e-book fibroid-eliminating system that was written by Amanda Leto. Leto suffered from these growths for a number of years and has done extensive research more than 14 years worth to develop this system. She claims that this system has worked to completely make her fibroids a thing of the past.

The e-book is 250 pages and includes step-by-step instructions, free lifetime updates, sleeping secrets, a guide to relaxation, information on understanding the female body, recipes and meal plans to combat fibroids and natural ways to increase fertility.

Users report that Fibroids Miracle was effective in not only reducing fibroids, but also in quickly alleviating the symptoms associated with them. This e-book is reportedly easy to understand and the system easy to follow.

Users report that this $39.00 system promises to start producing results in two weeks. They state that this is accurate and that they did notice positive results within that time period.

There are lifestyle changes involved in this program and these changes may not be feasible for all people. There are also some diet changes that all people may not be able to adhere to.

This system is said to be customizable to the individual because all women and fibroids are different. The user will be able to take the information to make positive changes to her lifestyle, body and environment, depending on what she needs to change. Those having issues implementing the process is able to take advantage of free one-on-one counseling with the author for the first three months.

Two over-the-counter supplements will need to be purchased in addition to the system. The user, depending on the changes she needs to make, may also need to purchase additional foods. The system also discusses more supplements that are purported to be beneficial to the user that can be found at health food stores.
Date Reviewed: March 3, 2012, 6:15 pm
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