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Saves money and allows you to convert sound to new TVs.


Does not allow DVD play on XBOX 360.


This is a very useful device. I actually have 2 of them because when we upgraded TVs, it was the cheapest option to keep all of our equipment running properly.

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FiiO D3 Digital to Analog Audio Converter from FiiO
FiiO D3 Digital Converter Review
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FiiO D3 Digital to Analog Audio Converter detailed information
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REVIEW: FiiO D3 (Digital to Analog Converter)

With technology growing at such a rapid pace, many electronic consumers are discovering their equipment doesnít quite keep up with their growing needs. If you purchase a brand new, state of the art TV, you might find that it has only optical audio output. Many older surround sound systems have RCA inputs that to do not connect with the new TVs. So what are you to do?

If youíve been told by a customer service representative or electronic store employee that youíre just out of luck and will have to upgrade your surround sound, then hang on before you shell out hundreds to thousands on it. There might be a better way.
The D3 digital to analog converter from FiiO is made for situations exactly like this. You can purchase online and have it shipped right to your door in a short timeframe and be ready to hook it up. This is a digital to analog (stereo) audio converter. It is not capable of decoding surround sound. So be sure you are aware of what you need and what you are purchasing and youíre guaranteed to be happy with this device.†

Hook Up and Assembly

There is not a lot of work involved in using this product. You pretty much just purchase and plug it in. right out of the box it connects to your TV on one end and your speaker or surround sound system on the other to allow them to connect when they donít have matching connectors. There is no special technical skills required for hook up or assembly and pretty much anyone could do it with ease.†

The converter has a 'coaxial' and 'optical' switch on it so you choose the setting that works for your needs. The instructions say to 'set the TV to PCM' but donít let this concern you. If it applies to you, then you will know it and if it doesnít, everything should work just fine without you doing anything special to the TV itself.†

This is very much a plug-and-play device that can save you hundreds of dollars and allow you to fully enjoy your new TV. What kinds of TVs might run into this recent problem? Letís take a deeper look.†

LED LCD TVs and Apple TVs

What kind of people need this product? Well, if youíve purchased a new model TV such as an LED LCD TV or an Apple TV, you will typically find that they do not have analog audio output jacks. Even a TV sold just 2-4 years ago will have these and you might find yourself surprised when yours doesnít and youíre not able to connect speakers, sound bars, surround sound or other devices. You just upgraded to this awesome TV and now you cannot use it with your existing equipment.†

But before you start to panic and think youíre going to have no choice but to upgrade the existing equipment to something compatible, there is a simple answer thatís also very affordable. This converter usually sells for around $50 but on Amazon, you can get it for only $25, making it a steal.†

Using it with the Xbox 360

This converter can also help you with your Xbox 360 but for playing games only. If you watch DVDs on your Xbox, be aware that this converter is not capable of decoding surround sound audio files on its own and all you will get is loud noise.†

To use the converter with the Xbox 360, first hook up the converter. Then in the Xbox, go to Settings / System / Console Settings / Audio / Digital Output, choose Digital Stereo. Remove the protective plastic caps from both ends of the fiber optics cable. Plug one end to the Xbox, the other one to the FiiO. Flip the FiiO switch down (optical mode) and connect the power adapter and the headphone. Now you are ready to go.†

Technical Details

  • Converts coaxial or optical digital audio input to analog stereo RCA output
  • Supports all popular sample rates including 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz, at up to 24-bit resolution
  • Ultra low jitter design with WM8805 digital receiver chip
  • Switch selectable coaxial or optical input.
  • Comes with Micca 6ft optical Toslink digital audio cable.

What People are Saying

Mikew from Amazon: Had to buy one of these because my new TV does not have the old style RCA plugs to hook up remote head sets for the hard of hearing. This was the best buy I have found and trust me I went all over the net and to the stores. Most stores don't know whatit is and just can't seem to understand why you need in short of buy a $300 sound around system. I received it quick and it took about 5 minutes to hook it up and all worked fine. If you buy a new TV and you use a headset check it first for the RCA connectors if not this is the best way to go. Regards, Mike

Kurt G Doer from Amazon: Was able to plug the Toslink cable from my Apple TV and into my stereo via RCA jacks. Keep in mind two things: 1) It requires a power outlet for the AC adapter (included); and 2) if you're using Apple TV, be sure to set Dolby Digital to "OFF" in the settings. The sound was perfect! Highly recommended.

***Update March 16, 2012: Works with the new 1080 Apple TV.

As you can see here and from further exploring the customer reviews on this product, it has a positive performance report. It can save you a lot of money from not needing to buy a new surround sound system and itís easy to use. All in all, itís worth the money if you run into this conversion problem.

Date Reviewed: April 15, 2012, 6:47 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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