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Challenging yet easy to play. Game take a while to beat making the .99 cents worth it.


Fire Maple has not released any more games.


Begin with The Secret of Grisly Manor to get the hang of things, then move on up to The Lost City. You will enjoy the adventure!

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The Lost City from Fire Maple Games
Fire Maple Games App Review
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Become and Explorer With Fire Maple Games' The Lost City

Fire Maple
The app creating company Fire Maple Games has released two mystery/adventure games throughout their existence with the sequel being The Lost City. Previously the company had released The Secret of Grisly Manor in which you go on the search for Grandpa. (The Grisly Manor is where I suggest most players begin, just to get used to how problems are solved in gameplay and how to explore efficiently. You'll need it in The Lost city.) After you successfully find Grandpa, you are most likely hooked on the game and are left wanting more. That is where The Lost City comes in.†

The Lost City†

In the Lost City you are once again cast as an explorer, but this time you are looking for the Lost City. The Lost City is a place from your grandmother's bedtime stories, but legend has it, that the people of the lost city had the ability to change the season according to their will. During your Grandmother's expedition she took a mysterious green stone, which she believes has disturbed the harmony and peace of the island. It is your duty to return it.†

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Using the map and your journal, you must tap and click your way through the story in order to return the stone. Tapping the top, left, right, and bottom of the screen to navigate you must feel your way through the many parts of the jungle and secret rooms. Not only must you not get too lost, you are also on the lookout for objects to use along the way, so that returning the stone is possible. Along the way, after using some objects to enter new places, you will encounter puzzles and small tasks that require some extra thinking. These puzzles open up new nooks and expand your journey.†

However, a large challenge arises when you realize that the legend is true, the island has the capability to change the seasons whenever you want. This creates four different worlds in which secret objects may be hidden. Certain objects can only be found or used in specific seasons, making the task of combining the right objects and seasons together. Furthermore, some puzzles can only be completed in certain seasons, and some rooms and places can only be entered in specific seasons.


This game is so challenging that it really does keep the game fun. Unlike, Grisly Manor, The Lost City took more than one day to beat. I played these games on long car rides, so I played almost non-stop for about six hours. It took about 10 hours to beat the Lost City, which kept me thoroughly entertained for the majority of the ride.†

Even better is that it is playable for children. There is no blood or gore; no violence at all even, and there is no foul language. Although the game may be too difficult for some children, older kids will enjoy the mystery and adventure as well as the puzzles throughout the game.††

Unfortunately, after finishing the game and returning the stone, you are still left wanting to play more, at least I was. Fire Maple has not released another title, so for now The Lost City is the final adventure. It is a good thing it is so challenging. Like previously stated above, the game took around 10 hours to beat, this killed off my battery pretty swiftly, so make sure if you are, like me, playing during a car ride, that you have a car charger.

The Lost City is engaging and a blast, so open up your app store, sit down and enjoy the thrill of seeking out your Grandmother's fairy tale that isn't so fake after all.†
Date Reviewed: May 9, 2012, 11:29 am
Reviewed by lynchbrian25
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