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One of Joss Whedon's greatest accomplishments. This show has incredible character development, a great story line, interesting concept and one kick a$$ spaceship.


The show was cancelled WAY to early, the only saving grace was the release of the movie title Serenity which after fan uproar to the cancellation was needed to at least bring closure to the storyline.


This is a must have box set for both the Firefly fan and those that have not yet seen the series. This is one that you can watch over and over again. You might want to get two copies in case you wear out the first set!

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Firefly BluRay - Complete series from Joss Whedon
Firefly On BluRay Boxset
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Firefly BluRay - What if fan interest could bring back Firefly?

A western in space you say! Now that sounds like kind of a silly idea doesn't it?

That was my first impression when I saw the preview for Firefly back in 2002. Well I could not have been more wrong - after only the pilot episode I was literally hooked on this show. The motley crew of a "crew" (pardon my pun) have an amazing group dynamic and the character interaction is second to none. To date I have not seen a series that pulls you into the story and makes you feel like you are there with the crew through each of their miss adventures as much as Firefly.

It can only be likened to reading a well written novel that puts you right into the story and you can't put it down.

WARNING: Speaking of putting it down, once you start watching FireFly make sure you have an entire weekend free because once you start you will not be able to turn it off.

I cannot begin to tell you just how awesome Firefly is without actually getting into the story. You will just have to watch it, I know you will love it as much as myself and the millions of other fans of the show did! Therefore I will not be including ANY spoilers so as not to ruin your viewing experience if you haven't seen it already.

Check Out The Firefly Trailer
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The show concept (Quick and simple to not spoil it for you)

Set far into the future after planet earth has been deemed unlivable, the human race spreads out across the universe terra-forming other planets to live on. The level of technology on some planets is far advanced and others are still settling and are like the frontier towns of old. 

Enter Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds, a war veteran who captains an old transport ship named "Serenity". The story follows Mal and his motley crew of adopted misfits though a whirlwind of miss adventure and trouble.

The crew, Ensign Zoe Alleyne Washburne, Zoe's husband, pilot Hoban 'Wash' Washburne,Grumpy, Trigger Happy and sometimes traitorous former combat soldier Jayne Cobb, The "engine whisper" engineer Kaylee Frye, Former Alliance medical officer Simon Tam, his teenage sister River (Both running from the galactic government "The Alliance"), the beautiful "companion" Inara Serra and religious man Shepard Book make up the crew of the "Serenity".

They travel from planet to planet taking on legal or illegal jobs spanning all the way to the outskirts of Space in search of  food, money, doing anything to make a living. All the while trying to stay under the radar of The Alliance and the constant stream of trouble that seems to follow them.

I cannot really tell you much more without letting too much of the story out of the bag. Likely that is enough to spark your interest.

If space became the Wild West - This is exactly how it would be! ~M. Getts
After ten years and countless other huge budget SciFi movies and series I can still go back and watch FireFly again - becoming more angered at how some executive at the network decided that this show should be cancelled. ~Jason M

So what really happened to Firefly? (FOX has failed us all)

Fox in their infinite arrogance decided that a show like Firefly is too expensive to keep on the air, to them the loyalty of it's fans and viewers is irrelevant - they basically force feed the public what ever crap they decide to produce as cheaply as possible. 

The onslaught of so called reality TV has killed story telling and high quality shows like FireFly. Do not think for a minute that the cancellation of shows that is blamed on ratings is fully orchestrated by the executives at FOX. Simply messing around with time slots is a sure fire way to falsely effect the ratings on a show.

Back when FireFly aired in 2002 we did not have the luxury of PVR's to record our favorite shows when they are on at in opportune times. So messing with the time slot of a popular show to drop the ratings can and has caused the demise of some spectacular TV from the era. 

Explain how a show with ratings like these can be cancelled after only 1 Season!

Even the former President of FOX agrees that Firefly was cancelled too early and it was a terrible decision on the part of the network to air the episodes out of order - OUT OF ORDER!!! When has that ever helped a show? And to top it off they moved it to the death slot on Friday nights. 

The ratings and reivews don't lie

Firefly 2002 (
IMDB Ratings: 9.3/10 from 74,406 users - the fans don't lie!

Serenity 2005 (
IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10 from 144,410 users.

Firefly on
3,055,458 reviews 4.2/5 Stars

Something is not exactly right here folks. OK enough ranting about the networks. The real question, Is their a model that will support shows like this in the future.

A future for shows like Firefly? Driven by the fans?

With the current state of affairs in the entertainment industry we now have digital media delivery from subscription based providers like iTunes and Netflix - these services could very well be the savior of shows like FireFly.

Imagine an industry where shows that have a strong loyal audience like us Firefly fans would be able to subscribe for a nominal fee to receive new episodes of a show like FIrefly. 

Sounds insane right? But hear me out here...if just the members (60,000 as of this writing) of the Facebook group "Bring Back Firefly" said they would be willing to pay say $5.00 an episode to keep it in production that would raise $300,000 in production capital to contribute to keeping the show in production. 

Sure that might not be enough to to produce the show but lets look at some other staggering numbers. 

Netflix has Firefly available for viewing and there are currently 3,055,458 reviews, yes over 3 million reviews of Firefly on Netflix with an average rating of 4.2 stars (out of 5). Bear in mind this is not just the number of people that have viewed the series - no that is just the number that felt they wanted to rate the show after watching it.

So using the same principal as above if all of the Netflix members that rated Firefly paid $1/Episode that would be over $3 Million per episode, which would be enough to keep the production of the series going.

This same principle and math can be applied to virtually any series and would truly give the fans of a show the ability to keep it going as long as they are happy with the direction of the story. If the story goes off track and the fans cancel their subscriptions to the show a valid reason for a cancel is there.

If only we lived in a perfect world where the networks (FOX) actually cared about what their viewers want to see. Instead we are inundated with more "Reality TV" crap. Who REALLY cares what the housewives of various cities do to get their 15 minutes of fame. Come on people, we need more story based TV to allow the fans of the world their escape into stories that rival those found in some of the greatest novels ever written.

My apologies what started as a review ended up being more like a rant about the networks and less about the actual box set. But seriously what Firefly fan is not angry about only having one season to watch. 

A review of Firefly can be summarized in this simple equation... 

Firefly = One of the best SciFi series ever to be produced all other arguments are invalid. 
BluRay = Incredible picture and sound quality enhancing the experience of any thing produced on that medium.

So Firefly + BluRay = Awesome in it's truest form and a must have. 

If you haven't already seen this series just buy the BluRay box-set and tell the industry that this show should never have been cancelled. If you did watch the series and loved it then buy the box-set so further support the show and be able to enjoy it in all of its glory. That is all folks!
Date Reviewed: June 20, 2012, 10:01 pm
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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