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This product is the best push mower I have ever seen because of superior pricing, performance and even reputation.


You have to work out a bit to use it.


This product gets my highest rating and I don't give those out easily.

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StaySharp Max Push Reel Lawn Mower from Fiskars
Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Push Mower
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How Does the Fiskars StaySharp Max 6201 Reel Mower Compare to the Competition?

Have you ever push-mowed your grass? The first time I did I was eight years old and it was with my Grandpaís old metal push mower that looked like something out of that Stephen King movie about electrical appliances going wild called Maximum Overdrive. It nearly killed me and that kept my environmental guilt at bay for the last thirty plus years. I have had no drive to go out and use a product like the Fiskars line of Staysharp push mowers.†

Then I saw the Fiskars Staysharp Max which has an 18 inch cutting swath and purports to be 60 percent easier to push. After some calculations in my head about how much easier that would be, and remembering that I was only eight and weak when I tried push mowers to start with, I decided to look into it.

A lucky break

As luck would have it, I had a buddy that owned this particular model of mower. After talking with him for a few weeks about it, I decided to give it a shot over at his house. He had me over and we spent a Saturday afternoon trimming his back yard and having a cookout. What I took from this little excursion is that the Fiskars is nothing like the monster I used back in the day. Push mowers are much easier to push nowadays and this one in particular was very impressive. I really liked it better than the electric version he had.

Research, research research

Next I dove online and started researching the various reviews that are out there on the model. This particular push mower has a ton of fans and very few detractors. After reading the reviews I can understand why.

The mower has a cutting area that is much larger than anything I had ever seen. It cuts a nice, even 18 inches across and it does it on the first pass most of the time. I found that grass up to 4 inches in length were no match for this push mower and letís be realóanything longer than that and you have no business even thinking about a push mower.

It assembles quickly and easily and has you cutting the grass in no time flat. Because the technology allows for no-touch cutting, you donít have to worry about sharpening the blades nearly as often as the older models too. The blades adjust fairly easily and can be set at the perfect height in minutes.

An interesting note about the Fiskars StaySharp Max is that it throws the grass forward instead of back and at your feet. This was something I was initially leery of but quickly realized that you will not be cutting grass that is thick enough for this to be a problem. I envisioned my old push mower getting clogged up and choking on grass that was being re-cut on each pass. This mower has no such problems.

How cool would it be to mow your grass at any time of day or night?

Some people like to mow their grass early in the morning when the weather is cooler. The downside to this is that the neighbors are all up in arms about getting woken up at the crack of dawn. The Fiskars StaySharp Max is virtually silent so you can mow to your heartís content. You will never get a noise complaint again. Landscaping has never been so much fun.

The StaySharp is also environmentally friendly, so that is another reason to feel good about using it. No gas is being used and you are not putting anything out into the air as you use the machine that was your old lawn mower. You are now living ecologically responsible when you use the Fiskars line of push mowers.

Final Analysis

In the final scheme of things, this product was so good that I have decided to go out and buy one myself. It is a solid, environmentally sound product that does the job and gives me a decent workout while doing so. I really ran out of excuses to not buy it and use it, so that is the bottom line. I give this push mower my highest rating because it convinced me to get off the couch, and rates highly among everyone that owns it.
Date Reviewed: May 2, 2012, 9:53 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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