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Specially designed for Mums. Appears to be good, solid advice and easy to implement. Some good feedback. Forums and support good.


Few customer comments. System seems to be mostly common sense.


Could be great for support, but no one can 'melt' your body fat but you!

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"Fit Yummy Mummy" by Holly Rigsby - REVIEW

We all know what a struggle it can be to keep our weight down and make time for the exercise we all need to stay healthy.
So add pregnancy and a brand new baby into this mix and the mountain can seem insurmountable.
Just how, with a new baby and all your other responsibilities, are you supposed to find the time for strict diets and time-consuming exercise regimes?
Fit Yummy Mummy claims to have the answer.
Get the sexy back into sexy mama, says Holly Rigsby, creator and promoter of this system (and a yummy mummy, naturally...)
Her story is that she gained 50 pounds when pregnant. 'Careless habits' caught up with her. After all, you have to feed the growing baby, don't you? Never mind all those crazy cravings.
'Don't worry if you ate much while you were pregnant,' says Holly (although she admits it was a 'nightmare' even after she managed to quickly lose 17 pounds through breastfeeding).
There was still 33 stubborn pounds of extra weight to go.
But who has a couple of spare hours a day to exercise when there's a new baby in the house? However Holly did manage to get out and do some walking, along with husband and baby, and she noticed that by alternating periods of fast walking (up the hills) and slow walking (down the hills) that her jeans were getting looser.
By varying the intensity level of her exercise, she found she was on to something.
The secret (discovered, like most of these stories through long months of investigation, trial and error...) is in EPOC: "excess post-exercise oxygen consumption".
This, apparently, is the secret that Mom's are using to get back in their skinny jeans.
The theory is that, following strenuous activity your body has an oxygen 'debt' which speeds up your metabolism. So, you exercise intensively taking up less of that precious time and in doing so increase your metabolism: a virtuous circle.
The program consists of strength training mixed with bodyweight exercises. Holly is keen to stress that this is not a 'bulking up' routine but circuit training workouts which can be accomplished anywhere.
'It zapped away the daily stress and melted the belly fat,' she says.
And led to her current role as a personal trainer specializing in workouts for Moms. Her 'Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System' has been personally tested on, '253 Mom's in over 4,414 workouts.'
'Reclaim your tight body and butt... in just 15 minutes per day!'
The system addresses issues important to Moms such as how to balance being on call with managing weight. It covers goal-setting, the correct (and vital) mindset, 'diet-myths', diet, eating habits and the 'right' type of fat.
And Holly doesn't neglect nutrition. 'Nutrition played a huge role in my transformation, and it will in yours as well,' she says.
No doubt.
There are lots of 'updated post baby results' on her website (including photographs), however what we really want to hear is independent reviews of the system.
What do the Yummy Mummys say?
Some reports are positive.
'I followed the Fit Yummy Mummy program by Holly Rigsby few months ago after my first pregnancy and found it to be very helpful for me.'
'I personally really liked that the Fit Yummy Mummy exercise plan takes only 90 minutes a week and that this program works at home easily without the need for special equipment.'
And I'm not the only one searching for feedback.
'Is anyone else using FYM to get in shape?' says one forum user. 'I have to say I love it.'
But unfortunately there were no further additions to this thread.
Come on Mums!
One user was convinced that you don't need systems:
'You need 3 things for effective weight loss and these are: Well balanced diet, any physical activity that gets your heart pumping faster than normal and correct mental attitude.'
Which makes perfect sense, however Fit Yummy Mummy could very well help with this mental attitude through the support forum and sensible advice on workouts and nutrition. There is also some sample material available for free.
'She has some great workouts on youtube and the best part is the advice on short workouts.'
Another customer was impressed by the 'key habits' - focusing on portion size, writing regularly in your journal and eating every 3 hours.
All of which is straightforward (eat small meals including a lean protein source, vegetables and fruits, and some whole grains) but that doesn't mean it is easy.
You could try and do it on your own - there's nothing spectacular that you probably don't already know here - but if you think you would benefit from the support of other Yummy Mummys and advice that understands the demands of being a Mum, then this could be the program for you.
Date Reviewed: December 12, 2011, 8:08 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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