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Fitbit Aria Wi Fi Scale Review From: Fitbit

Tracks your body weight, body fat, and BMI using a sleek, wi-fi enabled device.

Readings aren't always accurate.

It's a good scale, but don't depend on it to determine your BMI or body fat.

Does the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale Stack Up to the Competition?

Scale-weighing and high-tech meld in Fitbit's latest weight loss device: The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale ($129.95), a digital scale turns your weight loss journey into a discreet weight loss and body fat tracker. Even better: It's integrable with 13 weight loss social applications, including Lose It, TargetWeight, and Endomondo. Here is my review.

  • Tracks body weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Uses wi-fi to automatically upload new stats into's personalized graphs
  • Sleek, attractive interface
  • Body fat percentage readings are not accurate
  • Expensive
  • Weight and body fat readings fluctuate just by standing on the scale differently
It's not often that I find myself in awe of a scale, but here awing is all I can do: With its smooth yet striking glass interface, it makes you wonder if aliens had sent this to us from the future (just kidding). The top of the scale features a gorgeous, glossy black finish, decorate by four, rounded squares that appear slightly lighter, giving it a nice, sort of pseudo-ombre appearance. The back is even more of a mystery--a series of rounded circles jut out, and a couple of these circles can be removed to place four AA batteries, which are needed to make the scale function.

What is remarkable about this scale is just how simple it looks--a small circle on the top of the scale displays your current measurements in clear, bright numbers, but this is literally the only interactive thing about the scale. To activate it, you simply stand on it as it sends tiny electrical signals throughout your body--which then determines your body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), and body weight. If the scale is hooked up to Wi-Fi, it also then uploads this data automatically to's website into a private graph. 

Bottom line: This is no ordinary scale. It's extremely modern and simple--the best of both worlds.


The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale isn't just visually appealing--its features also integrated for both social media and weight loss. Like the Withings scale, you'll need to initially set up the scale via wi-fi--a simple, 5 minute process--which allows the scale to send your updated stats to a private website, where the stats are compiled into neat graphs. For improved interactivity, you can also use these stats with any number of 13 third-party applications, such as TargetWeight and Lose It. Your personal information will never be published publicly, however--this you'll need to set up yourself.


For precise measuring, the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale measures BMI, total body weight, and body fat--something that is relatively common in expensive models. However, it is unclear how the Fitbit Aria determines BMI and body fat, something that requires knowing a person's height. The scale never asks for your height, making its calculation process a bit of a mystery. Supposedly tiny electrodes run through your body to determine this, but the science behind this isn't fully understandable. 

To make matters worse, health experts emphasize that scales are notoriously inaccurate when it comes to body fat readings--being off by as many as several points. Customers confirm that this is most likely the case, with readings differing by a couple of points just by standing on the scale differently. Body fat doesn't differ by how you stand--it differs gradually as you lose weight, so this highly indicates an inaccurate reading.

Customer Reviews

"All in all, I am really pleased with this scale. It sure is keeping me honest with my weight loss goals since I have my account opened to my family members to see so it offers built in accountability. Thanks for reading." - Dhinmn

" There is slight flucuation in the weight and bodyfat if you weigh yourself multiple times within a few minutes. I think this is probably because of the way that I was standing on the scale a bit differently each time. It's not much of a difference though and I don't think it will make an impact in the long run since I am looking for a much more significant weight loss than fractions of a pound or tenths of a percentage. " - Diabolical Duo


Although the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi is visually stunning, I was less than impressed with its inaccurate readings--readings that sometimes occurred by standing on the scale differently. My recommendation: For accurate weight tracking, this scale is ideal, but don't expect it to be your go-to source for determining your BMI or body fat percentage.
Date Reviewed: May 29, 2012, 2:36 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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