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Celebrity endorsements. Accredited, accomplished fitness model reveals her training secrets. Full 12 week fitness and nutrition program is provided for you to follow.


You must be willing to change your lifestyle and dedicate yourself to the program and your goals. Limited content or time spent discussing the program. Too much advertising and self-promotion by the author.


Considering the amount of negative reviews this program received, it is not a program I can get behind. However, if you are inspired by glamorous photographs to motivate you to achieve your goals and stay on track then you should consider giving this program a try. If you want a great workout, I would keep looking.

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Fitness Model Program from Fitness Model Program
Fitness Model Program Review
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"Fitness Model Program" by Jennifer Nicole Lee - REVIEW

Jennifer Nicole Lee promises to help you blast fat, and get magazine cover results from her fitness program.  This e-book is a result of her real life success story that saw her go from seventy pounds overweight to being the winner of the titles of of Miss Bikini America, Miss Bikini Universe and Miss Muscle and Fitness.  She packaged her program to give to you to see your own transformation.

“Save Time, Money and Energy by working out smarter instead of Harder.”

What does the program offer?

This program provides a comprehensive 12 week program for you to follow.  It teaches you the techniques and principles of effective exercises done efficiently.  Some of the highlighted features are as follows:

  •     It is a combination fat burning and muscle toning program.
  •     A complete program that can be completed in 4 workouts/week.
  •     A nutritional program to follow along with as you train
  •     Image coaching to help you polish your new look

Can I really get the body of a fitness model?

In her site, Jennifer goes over several “myths” and encourages the reader to believe there is substance to the affirmation that anyone can achieve their goals.  The encouraging words are positive and motivating as are the before and after pictures.  She was even discussed on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.  She uses herself as the example with pictures of how she looked several years after having had her second child and how she looks now after several years of hard work.  Her point is to demonstrate that is can be done.

What are users saying about the program?

After careful research into this program and seeing the feedback from other users I found there were some satisfied customers. For example, one said  she learned how to tailor her workouts to spend her workout time more effectively.  She also said that this product was more expensive than most, however she is pleased with her results and says she has more energy.

Another user said she was disappointed because she did not see the results she had wanted after a couple of months and ultimately felt like she had paid too much for the program. (This review was from 2008, when the program cost considerably more)

However most of the comments were less positive.  The chief complaints had to do with the fact that there was too much emphasis on the writer, her accomplishments, self-promotion of her products and her photographs which comprise over fifty percent of the content.  The remainder of the content is reportedly weak, with inaccurate diet tips, and no references to peer reviewed articles or footnotes.  The information is misleading, and failed to make any real points. 

Most telling was the point made by one user that although the author did accomplish an incredible goal she failed to make a connection with her customers by  including some discussion about her struggles along the way.  People buying the program were looking for inspiration but instead all they felt was exasperation.


Jennifer provides a  basic program for users to follow.  She uses herself as an example and both her certifications as an ACE personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Instructor and ISSA Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition and her experiences as personal trainer to hundreds of women to lend credibility to the program. However, the lack of depth to content left many users feeling less than satisfied.  This program is one of dozens available on the internet.   Many are extremely well written with great content, tips and techniques that can provide you with the work-out/personal transformation program you need to reclaim your personal best. 

Date Reviewed: December 12, 2011, 12:40 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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