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You will need to read the materials and apply them correctly in order to be successful.


It's a well balanced product that delivers on its promises. If you can enact the instructions that it gives, you can greatly improve your swing.

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Fix Your Swing Plane from Robert Cotter
Fix Your Swing Plane Review
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"How to Fix Your Swing Plane" by Jeff Richmond - FULL REVIEW

I love golf and sometimes I hate it. I’d venture to say that many golfers feel that way from time to time. I often feel like as soon as I get my swing down, something happens and I feel all out of whack again. I’d love to get some help in golf so I can feel more confident on the greens and have more fun when I’m playing matches and with friends. So I was really curious about the latest produce from Nick Bayley, How to Fix Your Swing Plane.

From first glance of the official website for this product, there was some pretty cool stuff. For example, you can take a 2 minute test to see if you have a serious fault in your golf swing or not. I was immediately interested in this and it strengthened my confidence in the product. If they can tell you through a quiz if you might have a golf swing problem then they must know what they’re talking about, right?

What Does the Golf Swing Test Do?

So not only was I interested in taking this quiz but I also wanted to know how it could help me. My kids also golf and I was wondering if this product would have any information that would help me teach them to be better golfers as well. So I set out to do a bit more research.

This guide has 38 pages of detailed information on how to fix golf swing plane problems so the quiz is essential in helping you identify problems in your swing plane.

The guide explains: “The swing plane is one of the most critical elements of the golf swing.” If you’re already a golfer, then you probably understand this but knowing how to fix it is not always as easy.

What This eBook Gives You

So what does this guide offer that makes it worth the money? First, it tells you some simple setup lessons to help ensure your swing is getting started on the right foot. Your stance, grip, ball position, posture and alignment are all important to getting that proper swing. There is the added bonus of helpful illustrations so you can see what you are to do.

Drills, drills, drills…

What helps you in golf more than practice drills? This guide also contains a great number of efficient drills to get you started and help you achieve the proper golf swing plane. The helpful golf drills are explained with step by step illustrations so you can be sure you’re getting it right.

Have you ever filmed your golf swing?

One tip that my family uses which is great in getting your swing right is to set up a video camera to record your swing. Do what you would do naturally and then play it back. When combined with this guide, you can use this technique to find out what you’re doing wrong and where you need to improve. You will be able to see your golf swing plane and determine whether or not you are doing it like the illustrations in the guide.

Bonus Materials

When you look at all you get with this guide for only $47, you also have to consider the free bonuses. There are a lot of free goodies jam-packed into these bonus materials that you can use to improve your golf game.

What Others Are Saying…

Here’s what some real people have to say about this product:

“I was out driving them by 20-30 yds with a $20 club”

“Within a few days time I was showing “experienced” players what a straight and accurate shot looked like.

My whole club set with bag cost $200 brand new. Some of my friends have drivers that cost twice that! Imagine their reactions when I was out driving them by 20-30 yards with a $20 club.

Those same friends gave me a lot of flak for even buying an “online lesson.” Guess who’s on the receiving end of that flak now!

Thanks so much for making your book affordable. And thanks a LOT for improving my game so early on. I’ll be sure to give you recognition when I slip on the green jacket!”

Nick M. – Longmont, Colorado


“Shot A 41! My Best Of The Year”

“Talk about a testimonial… Your Readers would not believe this. Read your book Monday evening. Went to back yard to work on your tips. On Tuesday A.M. worked in my net on theory. Tuesday evening at league shot a 41! My best of the year (4 strokes off my average). All this within 24 hours.

Your a Genius!

Thanks so much.”

Carl W. – Kentucky, USA

Author’s Note: (this gentleman is 72 years old)


“This Is The Best Value Golf Advice I Have Ever Had”

“Hi Robert. I am astounded by the detail…I simply did not expect the detail you have provided and because of that I am going to tell a lot of people in my Golf club. I will seriously take your advice.

I thought I would let you know I had a 43. Remember, I am a 21 handicap. I had 4 pars.

So thank you. This is the best value golf advice I have ever had.

Congratulations on a Quality Product.”


Steve P – Australia


Date Reviewed: March 11, 2012, 3:41 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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