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FixCleaner eliminates files that may make you vulnerable to phishing or hacking, while cleaning out unwanted registry entries.


It is suspected of being rogue software, or using misleading tactics to encourage people to buy its product.


Try a different registry cleaner instead, such as CCleaner.

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FixCleaner from SlimWare Utilities
FixCleaner Review
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FixCleaner (by SlimWare) - FULL REVIEW

Your computer's performance can increase or increase based on many factors--malware and low disk space only tips the iceberg.  And, not surprisingly, there are many programs that claim to do just that: make your computer super fast.

Here's where FixCleaner comes in.  This lightweight, easy-to-use program says it can clean your computer by checking for several things: erroneous registry entries, ActiveX controls, activity history, and junk files.  Once these problems are swiftly identified, it then removes it instantly, using its own algorithm to determine what should stay and what shouldn't stay.  

It's a complicated process--and trust me, it is a complicated process--but SlimWare Utilities, the company behind FixCleaner, says even the most novice of computer uses can use this program easily.  From first glance, it appears to be the perfect product for computer "newbs" who want a faster, more reliable computer.

What Does FixCleaner Do?

FixCleaner is essentially a registry cleaner--a program that searches the computer registry for erroneous entries.  While one or two erroneous entries aren't a bad thing, over time it can build up, eventually slowing down your computer.  These entries are commonly caused by software uninstallation errors, application errors, or even unintended computer tweaks.

While the technology behind FixCleaner isn't clear, it does use its own algorithm to determine which registry entries are good or bad--and then it informs the computer user of these errors.  If the computer user chooses to remove it, it's time to pay up: you have to purchase the entire program to remove any potential baddies.  It's not expensive, however--just one $34.95 fee will cover everything.

As well as cleaning the registry, FixCleaner also does other tweaks that will speed up the computer while protecting you from phishing or hacking.  For instance, it has a control which can clean out "junk files", although it's not clear what it considers junk.  It also can check to see if your computer's settings are optimized for maximum performance--if not, it will optimize it for you.  If you have any Internet search history or activity on your computer, it removes that too, to prevent potential hackers or phishers from finding it (and using it to their advantage).

Problems with FixCleaner

While FixCleaner does fix some legitimate errors, customers have complained that it also creates fictitious errors--and then tells customers it can fix it with purchase of the program.  This tactic is commonly seen from rogue software programs, or programs that uses dishonest tactics to encourage people to buy products that don't work as advertised.

For example, one customer writes: "You run this and it shows a whole heap of problems with your PC.  However, I had already just dealt with many of the problems that this software claimed to exist.  And then you have to pay for the repairs to be made - if they ever really existed!"

" says it fixes hundreds of the problems it finds, funny thing is, the other tools, CCleaner, Advances Window Care, and top level malware apps don't find the stuff this one does.  Me thinks it a fake," says another customer.  "Anyway, you buy, you fix, and ta da, now all your passwords are wiped off your PC, and if your lucky, it won't boot up anymore."

These customers are not alone: Many people have complained that FixCleaner identifies fictitious errors.  In other cases, it can actually worsen your computer's performance, resulting in unwanted crashes or complete computer meltdown.  That, of course, isn't good.


As a registry cleaner, FixCleaner may have unknowingly entered itself into the rogue software category, based on feedback from customers.  It may not work as advertised, they report, and may even worsen your computer's operability.  Ouch.  My recommendation: Stick with something like WiseFixer instead.
Date Reviewed: March 13, 2012, 1:33 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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