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This is an easy to use program that can give you a professional looking Flash menu easily. There's a free demo you can try out.

You could do all this yourself if you had enough time. May have issues on old machines.

This is a solid product with a demo version available so if you're interested, give it a test drive and you won't be disappointed.

Flash Menu Factory (Epinoisis) - REVIEW

Creating things with Adobe Flash can be a daunting task. I just completed two blocks worth of online classes on Adobe Flash and an entire 6 weeks was devoted to creating various menus and the graphics that accompany them. We went over things like buttons, dropdown menus and things of this nature. It took 6 weeks out of the 8 week block just to learn this one thing. The price of the class? $900.00. The price of Adobe Flash? $199.00 plus tax. It was "recommended" students get the web premium edition of Flash which costs about $1400.00.

It's been about 6 months since I took these classes and guess what? I barely remember how to do it and each time I decide I want to make a nice Flash header or menu, I spend a couple hours watching tutorials, reading through my schoolbook ($150 by the way) and doing some trial and error. This is all just to get the menu working. I haven't even begun to make the menu look pretty with custom graphics and shading.

What Flash Menu Factory does is eliminate all of this by combining everything you could need into an easy to use program with a very low price tag, especially when compared to what I just mentioned above. You don't need to have any Flash skills at all to use this program and you're guaranteed professional results in just minutes. This sure beats trying to learn this all yourself from scratch or trying to copy a tutorial you've found on the web somewhere. 

Flash Menu Factory comes with: 

106 designs with the Professional and Ultra Versions - This gives you an amazing amount of versatility and essentially if you wanted to build 106 unique websites you could. You probably won't like all the designs but it's a ton to choose from. Customizing them gives you the potential to make even more.

Full Customization - You can add your own images and icons. These can be things you've downloaded or made  yourself to give your menu and overall website composition your own unique look and feel. This is great for businesses who have specific items categorized. You can even put in your own sounds for clicks or roll-overs.

Flash Photo Show, Magic Flare and Chameleon - These are only available in the Ultra package of Flash Menu Factory but should be worth considering for anyone. Photo show allows you to add in a slideshow which is very nice looking for personal and business sites alike. Magic Flare and Chameleon are for text altering effects and overall website color processing. Using these can really make your site "pop" as long as you don't overdo it.

Many more useful programs are included with Flash Menu Factory such as a clickable button maker, web publishing wizard and more. You really get an amazing amount of stuff no matter which package you select. There is a "Lite" version available that doesn't have as much but is 1/2 the price as well. 

Let's see what others think about Flash Menu Factory:

GonNadel (Cnet user)

"Very Helpful, Great Designs and Skins!...easy to use, customizable, fast results, price" -cnet.com

anthony24 (PhotoForum member)

"...Flash Menu Factory (FMF for short) is a valuable tool but almost kept secret by web designers. FMF simplifies designing of Flash menus a lot" -PhotoForum.com

The Bottom Line

If you want to make a website from scratch and want a cool, professional looking menu and buttons created with Flash, this product is perfect. I tried the demo for a few hours and tried to recreate something similar myself. Flash Menu Factory gave me an awesome menu in just about 30 minutes each time, even while messing around a lot. My attempt, even after classes took 4 hours and my menu wasn't as good.

If you're not skilled with Flash or don't want to have to deal with it at all, this is definitely for you. The demo is nice and should tell you whether or not you should buy it so give it a shot.

Date Reviewed: March 22, 2012, 10:01 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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