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Clinical study of ingredients provided, money back guarantee


The product is not tested or verified by recognized laboratories for its effectiveness in bladder control


If you are looking for a natural supplement to improve general bladder control and urinary health, you may try this all-natural formula in consultation with a doctor.

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Flostat Bladder Control Formula from Flostat
Flostat Review
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Flostat Bladder Control Formula  detailed information
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Flostat (Natural Bladder Control Formula) - Here's what others are saying...

Flostat Bladder Control Formula is an all-natural pill that helps strengthen bladder muscles, while providing a soothing effect to the bladder. The formula is essentially a blend of lipid-free pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract. Soy and pumpkin seed are natural products that have been used for urinary tract health maintenance and bladder health for centuries.

Each bottle of Flostat includes 60 pills that last for 30 days. The company that produces Flostat does not disclose its identity on its official website. However, it reveals that the company is a known name in the area of all-natural healthy and beauty products. The company was established in 2002, and is a member of the Natural Products Association.

Clinical Study

The company does not provide any clinical test or study about Flostat and its effectiveness in improving bladder control. However, it presents the results of a clinical study conducted to determine the benefits of soy germ and pumpkin seed ingredients, which are the key constituents of Flostat.

This scientifically conducted study indicates that these ingredients lead to improvement in general urinary tract health and bladder control within a week of the use of these ingredients. Significant improvements can be observed within six months. 
Weight Management Club

With your first order of Flostat, the company offers you a free lifetime membership to its results-oriented online fitness program. The program is accessible exclusively to the members only. The company claims that a course of Flostat in combination with a balanced diet and exercise regimen can help you reduce body weight and improve your fitness level. The program includes customized diet plans, physical exercise programs, and fitness tracking systems.

Free Gifts

With each order of Flostat, the company also gives away two free gifts. The first is an e-book called “71 Weight Loss Tips”. The book contains proven techniques and strategies to reduce stubborn fat deposits and achieve weight loss. How much of this do you not already know though? Who does not know how to lose weight? The difficult part is actually doing it and defying the diet that you enjoy, such as eating pizza, French fries, potato chips, downing soda, snacking on Snicker’s bars, Twix, and so on. Everyone knows this food is not healthy but the difficult thing is turning this down. People do not eat popcorn because it is healthy.

The second free gift is a Weight Loss Visualization Audio that is available as free MP3 download. This audio provides relaxing sounds of gentle water along with subliminal suggestions by a skilled hypnotherapist. This is meant to encourage your subconscious mind to visualize yourself as slim and fit once again. This is great for some but who has time for this? It is free though, you cannot badmouth something that is free. Their intentions are good.


The company claims that Flostat Bladder Control Formula has no known side effects. However, you should use this product in consultation with your doctor. The product is not a substitute for medical treatment for bladder incontinence. It does not claim to treat bladder-related or other urinary conditions.

Date Reviewed: November 8, 2011, 6:54 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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