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Easy to follow, effective gardening system. Adaptable to all conditions and size of garden. Clearly written by enthusiastic expert.


Just some small niggles over Jonathan White's style


Excellent especially for beginners and those who don't know where to start.

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Food4Wealth Review
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Food4Wealth, by Jonathan White - REVIEW

Never mind the 100 mile diet - how about the 100 yard diet?

There are so many excuses: I don't have the space, I don't have the time, I don't have the know how or the green fingers.

But you also know, in your heart of hearts, that these are just excuses. What's really stopping you is that you don't understand how to make your vegetable garden a success.

Well Jonathan White can help.

'Absolutely everything you need to know to grow healthy, fresh organic food,' he says.

As a horticulturalist and environmental scientist of many years, plus a life-long gardener, he should know.

His method, he says, is 'bomb proof' and will produce an abundance of food.

In an easy-to-follow manual plus audio book and video, you could soon be growing healthy, fresh, organic vegetables all year round.

The Food4Wealth package will teach you how to set up a high-producing non-traditional vegetable garden, which grows a much higher yield than usual. The garden is easy to maintain, and you'll be able to harvest something to eat every single day.

This magical garden never needs digging, repels pests naturally, produces very few weeds and can be created from any soil.

You will collect your own seeds, grow your own seedlings as well as feeding yourself and your family on the tastiest lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cucumber and herbs.

Once established, your garden will regenerate itself year after year. Based on ecological principles, Jonathan White's method taps into the natural ecosystem rather than seeing gardening as a series of problems to be solved.

An 'embarrassingly simple' way to grow your food, says Jonathan, and the way of the future.

With clearly written, simple instructions to get you started, the Food4Wealth method is delivered through video tutorials, project planning, maintenance plans and checklists.

'I will tell you exactly what you need to know to get set up and start producing organic food for years to come,' he promises.

'Take action,' says Jonathan. 'If we are to make a difference to our planet, sitting around talking about it won't change a thing, but growing our own healthy organic food in an environmentally gentle way will make a positive change for millions of us.'

And the feedback published on the Food4Wealth website is excellent:

'I am totally hooked on the whole thing... if it wasnt for the original inspiration I got from the whole concept of your low maintenance, minimal effort system of vegetable gardening, I can categorically assure you that I never would have started it at all,' said one enthusiast.

'So far it seems to be working and I am absolutely delighted,' said another. ' Today I will pick my first lettuces!'

And independent reports are equally enthusiastic:

I bought Jonathan White's Food4Wealth product about 5 months ago and I found it to be very useful for me,' said one customer.

'The advantages are that you can start even when you only have a small place, and it will take only a few hours,' said another.

Style and format are both praised:

'I liked that the guide is written in an easy to understand language and the methods inside this book are really easy to follow,' reports one review.

Although some people found the 'harvest every day' mantra a little overwhelming initially, and Jonathan a touch over the top in his enthusiasm.

'Im going to have to get my neighbor to help me,' said one customer. 'Im not a creature of habit and may forget.'

However she does acknowledge that 'harvesting every day keeps plants producing longer, and the tender baby veggies are delicious.'

So very little negative to report. People really like this guide and method.

'In my opinion Food4Wealth by Jonathan White is simply the most detailed and easy to follow guide on how to grow your own garden that I have ever seen,' one gardener said.

And people like the re-seeding aspect too: 'This is the coolest aspect for me I really want to see my second-year plants come up randomly all over my little plot,' reports a happy gardener.

No more excuses! For $39.97 - the healthy diet revolution starts here!
Date Reviewed: February 9, 2012, 3:15 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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