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ForexYard Review From: Safecap Investments Ltd.

Cash back and other bonuses for new traders, good customer service, and support.

Only one hedge position in each currency pair allowed, scalping not allowed, spreads are relatively wide.

ForexYard is a reliable online forex trading platform. It is an attractive online currency trading platform because of its low spreads. Choose ForexYard if you are looking for efficient trades and personalized customer service.

ForexYard Review - In the sea of FX platforms, how does the 'Yard stack up?

You can deposit money in your ForexYard account using your credit card, and start trading almost instantly. The company uses advanced technologies to ensure credit card security. When you use the JAVA based platform of ForexYard, you are not required to download any software, and you can access your account from anywhere.

Fixed Spreads

ForexYard offers fixed dealing spreads of 3 pips on EUR/USD and 3 to 5 pips on other prominent currency pairs. Compared to variable spreads, some users prefer fixed spreads because of a higher predictability of costs. In variable spreads, a 3 pip spread may widen up to 10 pips or higher in a thinly traded or a fast moving market.

No Debit Balance

ForexYard ensures that you do not have face a debit balance ever when you trade on the platform. If your equity happens to fall below the margin requirement, the trading station will automatically close out your positions. This helps to protect your trades, and limits your risks to the level of funds available in your deposit account.

24-hour Customer Support

ForexYard provides a 24-hour dedicated Trader Support Center. You will receive market advice and technical assistance through the trading week from experienced customer support professionals. The company also offers high quality educational material and wide range of trading courses to enhance your trading ability.

VIP Trading Services

VIP forex consultancy services are provided to traders, corporate and hedgers looking to achieve a superior grip over the anticipated events in the forex market. Trading and hedging consultation is customized according to the needs of the client. Fundamental analysis, technical analysis, charting, teaching tools, and trading tips and recommendations are provided to the VIP clients. Each VIP client is provided access to an individual forex broker to support all along the trading activity of the client.

What Others are Saying

Customer reviews and comments about the services of ForexYard provide a mixed picture and no clear consensus emerges. Some customers are unhappy about the slow response time of the online trading platform, while others complain about the high spreads. Customer service comes in for some praise due to a fairly prompt email and live chat support. Some users appreciate ForexYard platform because it allows trading in stock indices as well as commodities such as gold, silver and crude, in addition to foreign currency trading.

Forexyard is one of the top online forex brokers. It offers a secure, dynamic trading platform which provides superior order execution, advanced reporting, and analytical tools, yet it remains intuitive and user-friendly. This currency trading platform is highly recommended for experts as well as for beginners because of superior education materials provided to traders. With facilities to trade in commodities and CFDs from the same account and platform, you have more options to trade than just forex. 

Date Reviewed: October 11, 2011, 3:02 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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