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Formula 1 Lotto System (by Glen Hooke) - REVIEW

What would you do if you won the lottery?
The question, of course, implies the big win, the give-up-work-forever-buy-whatever-you-want win.
But most wins on lotteries world wide are small amounts.
And most of us have never even won those.
The Formula 1 Lotto System claims that it can help you win lotto 8.7 times out of every 10 times you play.
A tried and proven system, they say. With an 'Iron Clad' money back guarantee.
So what's the story behind Glen Hooke and his system?
Well, he can spin a good story (with some oddly familiar elements).
A self-procalaimed lottery obsessive, Mr Hooke says that he tried hundreds of methods searching for the big win.
Now he claims to have discovered a 'secret weapon' for winning lottery prizes. 'Your magic wand,' he says, 'for winning the lottery.'
After losing over $28,000 on lottery bids he was about to give up the quest for the big prize, when he met 'Professor R' a 'Math Statistical Genius' from MIT University.
(This is where is starts sounding familiar...)
They were sitting next to each other in a bar, checking off their lotto numbers.
The 'Professor' turned out to be just monitoring the numbers as a hobby - despite the fact that he'd hit 5 numbers out of 6.
Further discussion (naturally) ensued, and it turned out that the professor had discovered a formula for choosing lotto numbers that will win 8 out of 10 times.
Mr Hooke persuaded the prof. to agree to let him field test the formula.
He then used his IT experience to develop the formula into software - using the Professor's 27 years of analyzing lotto games.
As a result of all this work, Mr Hooke claims that the software can 'regularly and consistently' deliver results (and cash) into the pockets of system users.
$425,576 in the last 10 years for Mr Hooke - and a lot more for some of the people who give testimonials on the Formula 1 Lotto website.

'It works,' they say.
'You can use it in your country' - in fact for all 5 and 6 ball games.
'You will know how to use the software.'
And Professor R made Mr Hooke promise to share the secret before he would reveal it.
Good old Professor R.
The website claims that this sharing is only to selected individuals and that the software is available for a time limited offer.
Although it's hard to see how a website can 'select' individuals. And the time limited offer is not detailed.
So, the crucial question - does it work?
Most independent people are critical (although there are a lot of websites which basically rehash the Formula 1 website).
'The lottery only pays back around 50% back to winning tickets. In other words, for every $100,000 they collect from ticket sales, they only pay about $50,000 to winning tickets. At a 50% payback rate, this easily makes lottery tickets the worst bet on the planet,' said one commentator.
Stay away, was his advice.
'No system or formula can overcome the 50% edge that the lottery companies have over you. None,' said another.
Mr Hooke disputes this. 'The reason most so called learned people want to criticize the system is because they don't know any better.'
His system is unique, he says, the formula derived from studying and analyzing mathematical progressions and probabilities.
The system claims to eliminate 'bad' numbers and combinations (such as 1,2,3,4,5,6).
But others say there are no bad numbers - if there were it wouldn't be a fair and legal lottery.
And our critic above is not the only person to believe that Formula 1 Lotto is a bad bet.
This reviewer bought the software (which generates numbers for you once you have selected which game you want to play).
You have to play the exact numbers - and the reviewer promised to do this. He selected 30 games for a total weekly costs of 40 sterling (they were European-based games). 
'Stay tuned for my Week 1 results,' he says.
And then... nothing.
So we still have no independent views on whether the system is effective.
But Lotto systems like Formula 1 do sell - it's just that no one is talking about their results on the forums.
This could mean they are winning... or that they're losing.
Or that they're pretty much where they were before.
You win some you lose some.
Date Reviewed: December 2, 2011, 12:51 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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