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It's easy but intense, designed to burn a lot of calories. It also comes with bonuses, such as a success tracker and nutrition guide.


Although she says the workouts will lean you out, this simply won't occur unless you're dieting.


This is an excellent beginner's program for women who are desperate to shed the fat.

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Full-Body-Licious from Flavia Del Monte
Full Body Licious Review
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"Full-Body-Licious" by Flavia Del Monte - REVIEW

Perhaps you're not into the thin, waif-like look.  Maybe you want a lean, toned look instead--like those of figure and fitness competitors, such as Ava Cowan.

But most bodybuilding programs aren't designed for women.

But Flavia Del Monte--the famous wife of No Nonsense Muscle-Building creator Vince Del Monte--says she has a program that will help women shed fat, get lean, and achieve that toned figure competitor look.

It's called Full-Body-Licious, a downloadable DVD set of programs showing how to exercise to boost fat loss.  And a lot of women love this program--find out why below.

What is Full-Body-Licious?

Full-Body-Licious is a set of DVDs created by Flavia Del Monte, a registered nurse and certified personal trainer (and wife of bodybuilder Vince Del Monte).  Although she boasts a lean (but feminine) physique now, she wasn't always this slim--she too was out of shape.

But she managed to kick her body into shape by doing a special circuit-based program, which she explains in her DVDs.  Del Monte says this program helped her go from 18% body fat to 13% body fat in just 10 weeks, and it's still something she uses today to get ready for photo shoots (she also models on the side).

So what does this program entail?
  • Each workout uses something called circuit training.  Circuit training combines resistance training with high intensity aerobic exercise as a way to burn more calories, and thus more fat.  Del Monte uses full-body circuit training, where you train all of your major muscle groups during each workout.
  • Each workout is designed to last 60 minutes--no more and no less.  To maximize your fat burning potential, you'll do these workouts 5 times a week.
  • Each workout focuses on a different body part, although the entire workout is "full-body."  Del Monte puts the focus on a female's biggest trouble areas--the thighs, stomach, and butt.

Del Monte also pairs her DVDs with other bonuses designed to blast fat--such as a nutrition guide, an eBook on hormone control, a supplement guide, and even a downloadable success tracker.

Issues with Full-Body-Licious

As a workout program, Full-Body-Licious is an excellent program--it's easy, very intense, and designed in a way to help women burn more calories than with strength training or cardio alone.  So there isn't anything actually wrong with the program itself.

The problem is that she implies that the workouts are the real key to losing body fat.

This is an issue because physiologically speaking, body fat only occurs when there is a calorie deficit created.  It doesn't actually matter how hard or how long you workout.  In fact, it doesn't even matter if your exercises target your "problem areas"--you're simply not going to lose body fat if you are not in a caloric deficit.  

Yes, if you exercise more you will burn more calories, but if you still eat too much--even too much of the "good foods"--you're not going to get leaner.  

It's important to note that Del Monte does include a nutrition guide, but this is something she barely mentions in Full-Body-Licious advertisements and promotions.

Suggestion: If she wanted to improve her program, she'd bring the focus back to nutrition and less on exercise.  Exercise matters, but it's important that your nutrition is right first otherwise all the exercise in the world won't make you lean.

What the Customers are Saying

Here's a really cool thing about Full-Body-Licious--it's one of the few programs that most of its customers seem to love.  Here's what they had to say about this program:

"I really like the program so far.  It's challenging, but it's challenging because it's tricky and smart, not just because it's heavy."

"I did 4 weeks and really liked it.  No boredom or dread factor for me.  It's a pretty intense program, much like Venus Index in intensity without the dread factor (for me)."


If you're looking for an easy but intense workout that will help you burn more calories, then you can't go wrong with Full-Body-Licious.  Just keep in mind that it's not a miracle worker--if you're still eating a bad diet, no workout in the world can make you lean.
Date Reviewed: February 23, 2012, 8:56 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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