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Full Review Graco Spree Travel System From: Graco

A very quality stroller for parents with young children at an affordable price.

There are some issues with this product growing with the child through different stages.

This is a great affordable option for anyone with a small child who needs a great stroller.

Graco Spree Travel System- Barcelona Bluegrass

It seems like I have reviewed just about every stroller there is out there but I am looking for a jogger, not a regular stroller but I felt that I had to review this one for those who may want this type.  For me, I need to have a stroller that is more mobile and that I can take jogging or running, this one would not work for that. But for the mother who simply needs a convenient way to get from the car to the stroller and who wants a great price, this may fit that bill.  It has all of the accessories the busy mom could want and it is compact when folded up for ease of storing in the trunk.  Here are some other features that may interest you:

Product Features

  • Detachable Car Seat for Babies up to Twenty Two Pounds
  • Car Seat is Top of the Line and Crash Tested
  • Stroller for Children up to Forty Pounds
  • Parent Tray with Compartments and Cup Holders
  • One Hand Folding and Unfolding Feature

As has been illustrated, this stroller is much more than a stroller as it is also a car seat for the younger infants.  The car seat locks directly into the stroller so you do not have to wake up your baby when you want to move them from the car.  This convenience alone is a great reason to purchase this stroller but there is more.

Why You May Want to Buy it

Not only is this stroller and car seat combo extremely safe and convenient, but it is also stylish for the mom who wants to look good when they take their child out.  The color is a classic gray with soft highlights and is gender neutral with clean lines.  You can use just one hand to open it and close for more portability and less work.  I really hate those strollers that you need a manual for to just open and close it.  I would never buy a stroller that does not have some perks for me like the parent tray with compartments and a cup holder.  If you are like me, you want to have toys, snacks and drinks for the baby with you want you are out. 

The Problems

Nothing is ever perfect and that is why I will not be purchasing this stroller but my quirks are not yours so other than the fact that it is not a jogger, I want to give you the honest facts.  The straps, which are the most important part of the car seat, are very difficult to adjust.  We all know how fast babies grow so it is vital that there is some ease in this adjustment.  Those who have small newborns or premature babies cannot use this car seat either because the straps do not tighten enough to hold them in securely.  The seat does not recline so if you want to migrate from the car seat to using the stroller as a standalone you have to wait until the baby is old enough to sit up on their own.

What Others Think

Msamerica926 says, “I love this system. I am five feet and the height is great. Lots of strollers I tested made my shoulders hunch up. If your spouse is tall it may not be comfortable for him, but decide who uses it the most. I can fit a few bags in the under carrier.”
SuperJembutireng states, “The stroller features a one-hand, self-standing fold, easy access drop-down basket, parent's storage tray with two deep cup holders designed especially for you.”


While this is not a stroller I would buy, I do think it has its charm and I do think it looks great.  I like that it can be opened with one hand and I like the parent tray.  Even if I bought this, I would not worry about the straps as much as others might because the price more than makes up for the inconvenience.  At less than two hundred dollars, it is very affordable.  I have seen many different strollers on the market that are hitting the three and even four hundred dollar mark which is just mind boggling.  I do not know many new mothers who can afford this type of purchase but with this stroller, it is affordable for the masses.

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2012, 9:14 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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