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It contains multiple features, such as a webcam, digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, and eBook reader.


Its picture and video quality is poor.


It's passable, but only for its multitude of features.

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Genius G-Shot DV5133 from Genius
Genius G Shot DV5133 Review
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Genius G-shot DV5133 - Here's Our Review...

Although it's small and compact, the Genius G-Shot DV5133 is packed with features--from video recording to even eBook reading, making it a faved device among those who prize more features over video or picture quality.  Unfortunately, this also proves to be its biggest issue--although it contains plenty of features, most of them are less than sub-par.  Here is my review.

  • Contains a multitude of features
  • Comes with a video screen for easy viewing of photos and videos
  • Small and compact; about the size of a bar of soap

  • Many of the features are low quality
  • Power supplied through AA batteries


Design-wise, the Genius G-Shot DV5133 is mainly designed to be as non-obtrusive as possible; it's incredibly light and small, and should easily fit anywhere.  At the most, the G-Shot weighs 142 grams--that's 0.3 pounds--and measures about as wide and long as a bar of soap, making it one of the smallest camcorders on the market.  Aside from this, there's nothing special about the Genius G-Shot DV5133--it's gray, made somewhat flimsily, and shoots video and audio through a small lens affixed to the top of the camcorder.  A small video screen also folds out, where you can view your recordings and use its electronic buttons to select different modes: From picture-taking to accessing MP3s.


As I mentioned before, the Genius G-Shot DV5133 is packed with features--and it actually appears to be this device's main selling point.  For starters, it contains video and picture capabilities; it shoots low-quality video in .avi format, and its picture capabilities are no better in quality, with resolutions worse than you would find on a standard webcam.  But this too is a feature this camcorder contains; if configured correctly, it can also be used as a portable webcam (though, don't expect great video or audio quality from it).

Its other features are somewhat worthy to note: Aside from its photo and video capabilities, it also acts as an MP3 player and an eBook reader, so it's somewhat similar to multi-use MP3 players such as the SiriusXM Portable Radio.  Both features can be accessed through the video screen, through its touch screen module.  During testing, customers reported that both features were easy to use, though many noted that they didn't find these features useful.  Using the video and photo capabilities also did not prove to be a challenge, but once again, customers complained that the quality just wasn't passable--it would barely pass as a good webcam.


While the Genius G-Shot DV5133 is filled with features, all of these features are, unfortunately, not good.  During testing, customers reported that the photo and video quality was very poor; the pictures appeared fuzzy and sometimes pixelated.  Editing the videos also was a hassle, as the video was prone to degrading more or having weird irregularities appear throughout it.  One customer explains:

"The video files that are saved as avi do not edit well with any of the video editing software I have.  Such as sony vegas, adobe premiere and even with windows movie maker you'll have to go into your options menu and change things around so it won't save with that annoying green bar in the bottom."

Another key critical issue lies in the device's battery use--namely, the type of battery it uses.  Most camcorders or digital cameras use a rechargeable battery, but the Genius G-Shot DV5133 does not; instead, it uses your run-of-them-mill AA batteries.  This, if customers choose to use this camcorder often, can get costly, as battery life also runs short, requiring you to buy more and more batteries to make the camcorder run.  A pack of AA batteries can run around $10.00, and should you use it often, may necessitate the need to purchase multiple battery packs every month.


Although I like the array of features the Genius G-Shot DV5133 contains, it still falls short of the mark.  Recommendation: It's good only if you prefer a wide range of features over video or picture quality.
Date Reviewed: April 25, 2012, 10:46 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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