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99% deliverability, advanced analytics, great price!


No obvious cons. It's a small niche.


Getresponse does everything you need an autoresponder to do, at a great price!

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Getresponse Review How Is This Autoresponder
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Getresponse Review - How is this autoresponder?

E marketer on Automatic:

Getresponse is one of the top email autoresponders available at a price that beats the competition. In case you're wondering just how necessary it is to have a quality autoresponder, let's start with the basics: Your autoresponder is the email marketing machine that enables you to grow your business in a systematic, consistent way. Getresponse automates any and all processes that can be automated so you spend your time focusing your energy on product development, content and developing relationships… the things that require your unique creativity. Getresponse is the essential support mechanism that keeps your business running smoothly, helping convert leads to opt-ins and subscribers to sales, exponentially increasing your revenue. How does Getresponse do this?


The most important way is deliverability. Getresponse has a 99% email deliverability rate. This is one area where you absolutely can't afford to cut corners. Consider the amount of time, effort and money that goes into generating leads and establishing rapport. What a complete waste if your email gets labeled spam. That kills your relationship with your prospect and if it happens too many times it damages your whole online presence. Not worth it! Getresponse's deliverability rate alone is worth the cost of admission, especially considering their price (unlimited emails and 1,000 subscribers for $12.30/month annually or $15.00 monthly.) As a nice touch, they offer a 50% discount to non-profits!

Marketing tools:

Some other key features they offer include advanced segmentation, email analytics, an iphone app, app center, split testing, online surveys, split testing and social media integration. Tools like split testing, online surveys and email analytics can help you increase conversions by getting into the fine details of what people are really responding to in your messages and calls to action. Sometimes it's a visual cue like a prominent button placed in the right spot or an effective trigger in your message. You can determine exactly what's working through split testing. Sometimes you can increase conversions simply by tracking customers' responses and knowing, for example, what time of day they're most likely to read your email. Creating a survey to engage your prospects also increases conversions.

Marketing convenience:

Social media tools, the iphone app and the app center increase your convenience. The iphone app enables you to plan and execute marketing campaigns right from your iphone. Social media tools integrate Getresponse seamlessly with your social media outlets and the app center integrates Getresponse with everything from your shopping cart to your contacts list to your payment gateway, blog, etc. The better integrated your system the less work you have to do keeping things organized and repeating information. The system does it all for you. You can also choose to use their pay-per-subscriber service, getsubscribers and quickly develop a large, permission based email list from their high quality leads. Their rate is just $189.95 per 500 leads. Talk about convenient. Regarding customer service, Getresponse gets high marks for customer service and has excellent support hours, on par with competitors. You can reach them from 8am to 8pm EST and Saturdays from 9-5. 

Marketing Blog:

I really like the Getresponse blog which is informative and engaging. The blog explores topical subjects, like what social media outlets are worth the time and effort. The posts are also instructional. One post I liked got into depth on how to run a successful email campaign. It's so tempting to go right for the jugular and make the pitch but as with any developing relationship people like to be considered and romanced a bit with time and attention that lets them know you aren't just angling for a way to get them to open their wallets! People are sensitive to that and they can smell it a mile away. So generally speaking, conversions are a slow build which involves developing trust, being helpful and providing a service through your knowledge and expertise. People will feel much more willing to make a purchase from you when they already feel like they've gotten something worthwhile. All you have to do is recognize what you have to offer and trust that process. I like the fact that getresponse goes a step beyond the service they offer to provide helpful insight about the content side of marketing, too.

My Conclusion:

I highly recommend the Getresponse autoresponder. Take it for a test run with the Getresponse Free Trial!

Date Reviewed: March 6, 2012, 11:15 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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