Online MBA in Hospitality Management
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Glion Institute From: Glion Institute of Higher Education

Flexible programs tailored to the individual, interactive, fully online leading to prestigious qualification

No opportunity for internship or hands-on learning

A good option for the discerning student who asks the right questions about course content

Glion Institute - Here's What Students Are Saying...

Online MBA in Hospitality & Service Industries Management with Glion Institute of Higher Education: Make Yourself a Master.

Distance learning is the future. With huge fixed costs involved in running a traditional institution, a worldwide market in education, and increased multi-tasking in everyday life, it is no wonder that even the most renowned and revered universities worldwide are expanding into the online market.

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland, is a private university that has long offered prestigious programs in Hospitality Management, and was ranked Number 2 among all international hospitality management schools by market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) in a survey of five star hotel managers in 2010.

Glion’s professional development programs are designed for career-minded individuals to explore specific interests or enhance their skills. The MBA program is now available online and offers fully flexible study to those whom distance or work commitments prevent them from attending courses in person.

This is a significant benefit. Busy hotel managers or industry professionals do not have to leave their families, jobs and careers in order to enhance their life chances. Glion promises courses tailored to specific requirements and with high levels of interactivity and collaborative learning. ‘The opportunity of a lifetime’ says one online student (quoted on the Glion website). ‘The perfect venture’ says another. Glion are careful to warn of the demands, though: an MBA is not an easy qualification; and the promotional material makes it quite clear that it requires commitment and hard work to ‘revitalize career prospects’ and ‘change your life’.

The online program consists of seven core courses and three electives. This is the ‘meat’ of the course which prospective online students should study very carefully to ensure their requirements are covered. Online hospitality programs do not give students the opportunity for internships and practical experience that are offered on a traditional course (and which Glion provide to attending students).

Glion advertises their curriculum as balancing applied knowledge of hospitality and tourism with a core of management and leadership theory. They also emphasize the practical nature of their online course – ‘From the moment the program begins,’ they say ‘our students will apply theory and knowledge to practice.’ They profess to offer the first fully online MBA in Hospitality Management, a fact which is certainly eye-catching but students should ask about the pedagogic backing to online learning in this field. Is the distance approach proven in this area? How has teaching been adapted to the specific needs of the industry? This is an industry that really values hands-on experience, so students should carefully consider this aspect of their resume, especially if their background is in other industries.

Rated with 3 stars (average) by the Swiss Universities handbook, Glion has much to offer the motivated, experienced hospitality professional who is looking for the kudos and clout of an MBA. But those who aspire to be a Master should be careful to examine detail and ask pertinent questions (for example, about accreditation). Above all they should be aware that when purchasing distance education, it is always a case of caveat emptor; buyer beware.
Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:32 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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