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extremely user friendly, excellent support, great for newbies and keeping all website needs in one place (domain registration, SEO optimizing, hosting, etc.)


their aesthetics are more "friendly" than "serious" so they may not appeal to certain types of website owners.


I absolutely love and am extremely happy with the product and support.

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Go Daddy Start A Website With The Friendliest Host
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GoDaddy Review - Start a website with the Friendliest Host

When I was switching web hosting companies I didn't do much research. Why? Because GoDaddy was ubiquitous. I heard the name everywhere, from friends and simply as a result of their online presence. That's powerful! Generally speaking you check out web hosts online to learn about them. Less common is when you're hearing about a company both online and in the physical world with friends and family. So it was for me with GoDaddy which is part of what enables me to wholeheartedly endorse the service as a user, myself. 

Each website hosting company has their own persona, their own strengths and emphasis when it comes to web services. Some emphasize small businesses, some emphasize the way they evolved as a company. With

The name says it all!

Godaddy is the warm fuzzy of hosting companies. I've used Godaddy for domain name purchases (they are #1 for that due to aggressive pricing), for hosting multiple sites with their unlimited bandwidth and unlimited sites plan and for building my own little 5 page site with website tonight. I absolutely, unequivocally love them! 

Here's why:

In a nutshell, ease of use, reliability and customer support. I am not a techie by nature. In fact, I honestly hate tech stuff which is why i'm constantly on the lookout for products that make my online life easier and my ebusiness run more smoothly. I came out of a disastrous situation with a hosting company who shall remain nameless (website source.) Their wait time for tech support was comical and they let a domain name I had purchased lapse without my knowledge. Discovering GoDaddy not just by searching the web but also through great word of mouth among my friends gave me confidence in the move.

That's when you know a webserver is truly living up to the hype!

But hearing about a company and being a client are two different things. Maybe my friends were more tech savvy? Well it turns out you don't need to be tech savvy with Godaddy because they do it all for you. Godaddy's own site is easily navigable which is a big deal because there's nothing more irritating than fishing around a massive control panel for some tiny button that's easy to miss. Their menu options are well organized and easily accessible. I also love how easily I can search for domain names and the range of options they offer. And if you'd like to try creating a website from scratch I highly recommend website tonight with easy templates and forms to create something simple, quickly and easily. 

But don't just take my word for it. Godaddy won the 2012 Best Web Hosting and Best Web Hosting Provider awards in's annual reader's choice awards. The winners are determined based on reader votes and critic reviews.

So what's the dirt?

Looking around on the forums I see they've gotten some pretty harsh reviews compared with competitors like Bluehost, for example. I find that interesting because my own user experience has been so positive. While I think forums are great I also think sometimes they're a breeding ground for gossip, one-upmanship and griping. This also seems to be relative to a company's visibility, with the more popular companies getting slammed the most. Basically, forums are definitely useful as part of the process of evaluating a company but ultimately there is no substitute for first hand experience. We're all steering our own ship and once you've done your basic research you just have to trust your gut, dive in and see what happens. 

Best support team I've ever experienced:

The quality of help I get at GoDaddy is consistently outstanding. I am not an easy customer. I know this. I get impatient and frustrated because tech is just not my thing. Every tech support associate I've ever worked with there was PATIENT and PROFESSIONAL and FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. Every one! I don't know who is training them but other companies should send a mole and replicate. I have watched myself try to goad tech support into battle (I told you I'm not an easy customer... I really do hate tech!!!) and i've been amazed at the way they skillfully de-escalate. I just can't stay mad at GoDaddy for long and just so you're clear, the things that ire me have nothing to do with their service. It only has to do with my technophobe brain!

Check out their revolutionary new Hosting Platform 4GH. The economy plan is $4.99/month with 10GB of space, unlimited bandwidth, 100 email accounts and 10 MySQL databases (1 GB ea.) 

Date Reviewed: January 10, 2012, 12:46 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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Lisawrite I've used them for years and I like them. When I have had problems, they were always quick to correct it for me. Can't really complain and my sites never go down. lisawrite Rating
Fri, April 27, 2012 10:06PM • By: lisawriterssreport user
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