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Doesn't take up a lot of space and could potentially add many years of life to your dog while preventing diseases associated with lack of exercise. This might even encourage you to get in shape alongside your friendly pooch.


Expensive. Even the one for small dogs is quite pricey. You could always just jog around town with your dog instead.


This is a cool, hi-tech product that will definitely do what it says it will. It's a bit pricey but if you can afford it and want your dog to be healthy and happy for many years, it's worth it.

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GoPet TreadWheel from GoPet LLC
GoPet TreadWheel Review
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Review: GoPet TreadWheel (Treadmill for Dogs) - Here's what I found...

Dog's are mans best friend and they have been for tens of thousands of years. What's happened over this era is that most of our natural interaction with our dogs like running, climbing, hunting and traveling by foot has disappeared completely. Along with that, our free time has been pretty much taken away by jobs, kids, families and a combination of these. Many of us even have to resort to hiring a dog walker just so our beloved pets get the exercise they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Even if we have the best intentions with our new puppy and promise to ourselves we'll walk him a mile each day and set aside some fun bonding time, life tends to get in the way. Next thing you know a few years go by and our happy puppy has become a fat dog. He's still happy as dogs are happy most of the time it seems but an overweight dog is at severely high risks of all sorts of diseases, especially if we spoil them with table scraps. If you are lucky enough to have a large back yard, your dog may not be so fat but still probably doesn't get the exercise it should get each day.

The GoPet TreadWheel seems like a pretty cool solution to keeping our dogs happy and exercised without having to set aside an hour or two each day to do it ourselves. This may sound selfish but if you work a 9-5 job with a couple hours of commute time then come home to a family, you know how hard it is to get time for ourselves let alone our pets. The GoPet TreadWheel at first glance seems like a pretty silly contraption. It's basically a massive hamster wheel that our dogs can run in. If you think about it for a minute though, you wonder why this wasn't for sale much sooner. 

So many of us live in the city and sometimes our living space is pretty small and the park may not even by anywhere close by. If you stick a GoPet TreadWheel in your home (I'd recommend by your own human treadmill) you open up an entire world of potential for the health of your dog. This could also actually motivate YOU to get a little more exercise. It would be much more fun to jog alongside your faithful companion who is actually jogging with you. This product really seems like a very modern solution to the growing problem that is pet obesity and if it can help you along the way, even better! If you have a yard, you can even put it outside.

The GoPet TreadWheel Comes With:

Powder coated materials - This improves the durability of the entire device from the wheel to the base. This coating is often used in the back of pick-up trucks to prevent rusting and scratching.

Padded running surface - This makes the GoPet TreadWheel perfect for getting your old fat dog back into good shape without hurting their paws. I actually have a pretty chunky dog myself and it likes to hop into the baby stroller on walks as the street hurts it's paws. A padded surface is very comfortable for your pet. This also ensures they get a good grip and don't slip off.

Training door - Some dogs won't understand what this device is at first so you can encourage them to use it by attaching the training door. This also helps younger dogs from jumping into it with excitement and possibly spinning themselves out the side uncomfortably, though that may be rather funny. Keep the door in place until they understand what to do when they are inside, then you can remove it later. This allows your dog to use the TreadWheel while you're not home.

Adjustable resistance - The weight of your dog will influence how the wheel spins. You want to tune it to be close to normal walking/running so your dog doesn't end up doing loops or being unable to walk or run easily.

Fun - People sometimes don't realize that many dogs simply LOVE to run. They don't care where, they just like doing it. Your dog could have a blast on the GoPet TreadWheel and it might become one of it's favorite activities in the home.

Let's See What Other's Think Of The GoPet TreadWheel:

Wheelz354 (OhGizmo! User)

"...The wheel is something all dog owners should have so they could love their dog longer as a healthy dog. We also have a lot of disabled clients that love our Tread wheels or Treadmills because they need to get their dogs whether a pet or service dog exercise.."

petexercise (YouTube! User)

"Once your dog tries using the Go Pet Treadwheel you and your dog will thank you. They can be trained in as little as 5 minutes and some dogs will enter again and again throughout the day to get the exercise they crave."

GoPet TreadWheel in action
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The Bottom Line

At first glance this thing seems like a silly gimmick but if you look at the faces of those dogs in that video you can see how happy they are. Dogs absolutely LOVE to run and walk around and they seem depressed if they are cooped up all day. I have numerous dogs and the smaller one who can race up and down the halls seems much happier and healthier than my chunky dog who doesn't seem to get enough exercise due to its size and the limitations of living in a non-dog friendly city.

If you have too little space or too little time, a GoPet TreadWheel is a pretty good option. It's a little on the expensive side and if you're a jogger who devotes hours of street running, you could probably just take your dog with you so you wouldn't have a need for this. Take the time to really think about how often you follow through with actually walking your dog. This product could add years to their lives.
Date Reviewed: March 26, 2012, 5:34 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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