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Great gold and silver investment guide for beginner and intermediate-level investors. Very polished read.


Not enough here for more experienced investors.


Golden Bull is an excellent introduction to precious metals investment and will give you a lot to chew over. Definitely worth purchasing.

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Golden Bull from Caerleon Publishing Ltd
Golden Bull Gold And Silver Investment Guide Review
Sam Frost rates this 4.5/5
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Golden Bull Gold & Silver Investment Guide Review

In the current economic climate of recession, potential depression, and inflation, people are increasingly turning to "alternative" investments to safeguard their money. Of these alternative investments, the most popular are perhaps gold and silver. Interestingly enough, gold and silver have actually been sound investments for most of known human history; these two metals have been valued highly by cultures worldwide for thousands of years.

Golden Bull by Caerleon Publishing Ltd. is a guide to investing in gold and silver. It is not aimed at people wanting to actively "trade" precious metals through ETFs, or leveraged futures. Instead, the mission statement of Golden Bull is to help the reader build his/her financial castle. For the vast majority of investors (especially "mom and pop" investors) you don't want to be gambling too much money on the gold and silver markets. 

Therefore, Golden Bull takes a more conservative approach to precious metals investment. It is a gold and silver investment guide which primarily concerns itself with teaching how to invest in precious metals for wealth and purchasing power preservation. This is likely to appeal to those who are newer to gold and silver investment, or those who merely want to find a way of protecting their purchasing power against inflation.

There are over 70 pages of well-researched gold and silver investment advice in Golden Bull. Although it's nothing revolutionary, all the information presented is very sound and useful. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Golden Bull takes the approach of presenting a series of sound structural arguments for gold and silver, and then explains how you can best invest in them. From buying your very first bullion through to safe storage of your investment, it's all covered.

However, Golden Bull is not a guide to advanced precious metals investment strategy. It is not a "get rich quick" from trading guide.There are no complex mathematical formulas to memorize; no difficult charts to master. This is a good thing for the beginner investor at which the guide is aimed. Technical investment analysis based on complicated charts and maths is great if you can dedicate the countless hours needed to master it (or if you are a sophisticated trading algorithm) However, for the vast majority of investors, simple strategies that are grounded in sound theory are much better. 

That's exactly what Golden Bull offers. It doesn't aim to confuse or obfuscate you with anything complicated. Instead, you get simple instructions and strategies for investing in precious metals that work for anyone new to the game. You won't be required to leverage anything, or sell your children into slavery in order to invest and see great returns. What's more, you will be actively building up your financial castle and helping to protect your family and savings from the ravages of inflation (and the increasing debasement of paper currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and British Pound Sterling) 

The pedigree of Golden Bull cannot be denied - it has been around for a number of years in print form (as you see pictured) but is now available in digital download PDF format. There is no difference between the two versions, besides the method of delivery. Payment for the digital version is processed through Clickbank, so you also get a 60 day money-back guarantee. Golden Bull sells for $37 USD.

Golden Bull has even won recommendation from the Gold Standard Institute of Vienna, and it's quite easy to see why. Although more experienced investors are unlikely to find anything they don't already know, beginner and intermediate precious metals investors will appreciate the strong case for gold and silver that is presented, as well as the slick presentation and quality advice.

Date Reviewed: May 16, 2012, 9:05 am
Reviewed by Sam Frost
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